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"Centrino vs Turion"

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Tue 19/07/05 at 20:32
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Iím thinking about getting a Laptop to see me through the basics of computing Ė I just want something that I can surf wirelessly with, something thatíll get me through typing long documents and a little bit of gaming on the side. Iím now faced with a decision that needs to be made pretty quickly. Here are the two candidates:

This one is Centrino, with an 80 GB HDD, and a PCI-E X700 mobility.

For around 50 pounds more, I can go for AMDs attempt at the mobile laptop scene:

[URL][/URL] this one sports the Turion 64 chip, around about the same speed as the Centrino above, a 100 GB HDD, and the same graphics card.

The Centrinoís mobo chipset, apparently, is an Intel 915PM where as the Turion 64 model has an ATI Mobility Radeon XPRESS 200, which sounds cooler, but Iíve no idea which one will be better. Iíd imagine that Turion 64 should be better at playing games due to the 64bit processing, combined with that chipset Ė am I right in saying this?

50 pounds more buys me 64bit, which will allow me to run Windows XP at a later date, but it will probably loose in the battery war against the Centrino. The other benefits include a larger HDD, but I could manage nicely with the 80GB so this isnít an issue really. So do we know if the Turion is any good? Any advice would be welcomed!

Tue 26/07/05 at 11:31
"bit of a brain"
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I'm guessing it'll be 2 sticks of 256, so you can either take out one of them and put in a 512 for 768MB RAM, or replace them both with 512Mb sticks. It's annoying because you're basically wasting 512MB of memory.
Mon 25/07/05 at 21:00
Posts: 1,625
That'll be the first thing that gets an upgrade mate :)
Mon 25/07/05 at 14:50
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Looks good, but I'm guessing you'll feel the pinch of that 512MB RAM if you want to be playing games.
Sun 24/07/05 at 20:34
Posts: 1,625
The Acer 1691 as shown in the first link.

Other retailers are selling the older model 1691 with an X600, and older RAM, so beware!

For just shy of 700 pounds, i don't think its a bad deal :)!
Sun 24/07/05 at 19:38
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Glad I could help.

Which model did you buy in the end?
Sun 24/07/05 at 16:37
Posts: 1,625
Which is exactly why i order off the net :)

Anyway, i went for the Centrino model after reading your post gerrid. I know that the laptop will probably come down in a few mouths time - but that's no surprise anyway! I really need it round about now! Apparently, this model has DDR2 in too, so it aint half bad for the price.

Cheers for your input!
Sun 24/07/05 at 10:32
Posts: 4,910
Bonus wrote:
> I was refused a job in Comet once because I knew too much about
> computers.
> Just goes to show :D.

LOL - Comet are real idiots, I went in to buy a laptop about a year ago that at the time was very good value for money, anyway I went over to a guy and asked him for that one..he sat me down (I know a fair bit about comps so at this stage I was thinking WTF is he doing) and tried conning me into buying another one instead..he sat there for 5 mins telling me how he has it etc and to take out warrenty, I just said "Look mate either sell me the one I want or I'll go elsewhere". Luckily he did, but man some of their staff are just complete retards.
Sun 24/07/05 at 00:57
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
First things first - hold off your purchase for a little while. According to Intel, they're lowering their prices for the current range of Pentium M laptops and introducing some new higher speeds.

Second things second (obviously), you shouldn't ever be paying MORE for a Turion processor. The whole advantage of it is that it's supposed to be cheaper. The Pentium M is, without a doubt, a better chip. It is more power efficient and more powerful comparitively, which are the two most important things.

Anyway, apart from processors, do whatever you can to get loads and loads of RAM. If you can get a Turion processor with 2GB of RAM for the same/a little more money than a Pentium M with 512/1024MB, go for it.

But, like I say, if you have 2 similar sytems with the 2 different processors, choose the Pentium M every time, but make sure it isn't a Celeron :S

Bare in mind as well that if you want to do a lot of wireless networking, the Centrino (or Sonoma if you can get that), will be a lot of help.
Wed 20/07/05 at 15:20
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I almost forgot to make the obligatory "do you really need a laptop?" post.

Wed 20/07/05 at 15:15
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I was refused a job in Comet once because I knew too much about computers.

Just goes to show :D.

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