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"I hate those little blue flames"

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Tue 12/07/05 at 17:57
"not dead"
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You know, from the British Gas adverts. They're all like "we didn't save that much money" - so they saved some then? Oh, and they didn't have to sign up to the rip-off insurance. 40 a month for peace of mind? Sod that, you can pay someone to come out, lugging a new boiler on their back by not paying that extortionate fee for a year or two. And they don't go wrong that often.

I hate British Gas. And I don't even have gas.
Fri 15/07/05 at 23:12
"Darkness, always"
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True enough that those sort of statistics will be based on gross sales only (i.e deals confirmed over the phone, but not necessarily a done deal in terms of industry registration etc, and notwithstanding potential save activity on behalf of the other supplier).

It will take no account for customer churn.
Fri 15/07/05 at 11:26
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Blank wrote:
> "Every sixty seconds someone switches back to British Gas"

Also, it takes about 4-8 weeks to switch gas and electricity suppliers, so what they might mean is:

> "Every sixty seconds, someone is switching back to Britsh Gas"

4-8 weeks and 60 seconds later, somebody else might.
Fri 15/07/05 at 11:17
"Twenty quid."
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What they forget to say is that every 45 seconds someone leaves British Gas*.

* may not be true
Fri 15/07/05 at 10:31
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"Every sixty seconds someone switches back to British Gas"

That's one a minute, which is sixty an hour, which is one thousand, four hundred and forty a day. So if that kept up for a year, five hundred and twenty five thousand, six hundred households will have changed back to British Gas. I don't believe it.
Fri 15/07/05 at 09:23
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
I forgot I'd started this thread...

But aye, we have heating oil. Which I regularly forget to check the level of and run out.

By regularly I mean, around once a year.

My hatred towards the little blue flames has little to do with British Gas as a company (though their (optional) care cover is outlandishly priced), and more to do with the fact that the little flames are a bunch of - well there's only one world that'll suffice, but I just can't use it.

Oh, and I hate that idiot Brenda woman that burst out of the boiler in their other advert too.
Thu 14/07/05 at 14:55
"Twenty quid."
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Stryke wrote:
> *chuckles about the blurred out face*

I only blurred it because he looked gormless in the picture - it's the same lad you'll see if you [URL][/URL]

> You do realise you've just shown us a picture of a random back garden? Anything could
> behind those fence panels. Your parents could be busy making you a bouncing new
> sibling and we wouldn't know.

Ew. My parents are 65 ...

> So, can't see no oil tank.

That's the idea.
Thu 14/07/05 at 13:49
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The best thing about not having gas is getting cold callers, on the phone or turnig up at the door, I give them chance to get their speil about 'Excuse Me Sir, Have you thought about having your gas and elctricity supplied by the same comapny, we could save you..."

The I cut them off with a sarcy comment about actually doing some research before bothering me and informing them that I only have electricty...

Being rude often makes my day.
Thu 14/07/05 at 08:16
Posts: 6,702
Stryke wrote:
> You don't even have gas? How do you heat your home in the winter? Are
> you at one with the cold?

Its been a while since I was in a topic with Meka Dragon, but if I remember rightly, he was of the fire breathing kind, so I can't see a problem with heating.

As for British Gas, I agree with the Bartender and have recently joined British Gas for both electricity and gas. The house we just moved in to was supplied by another fairly reputable company, but we've switched both to British Gas in the combo deal. I dislike the direct competition killing style of advertising these days though. I'm sure there used to be standards where all adverts had to say things like "10% better than other leading brands". These days they just come straight out with "Yeh BT is well expensive, come with us and if you make a phone call between 18:04 and 18:07, then it'll cost you 2p less than the same call with BT". On top of the direct attacks I hate the fact that what they're not telling you is that if you carry on the call beyond 18:07, then the line will either cut out completely, or start charing you 10 a second.
Wed 13/07/05 at 22:03
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*chuckles about the blurred out face*

You do realise you've just shown us a picture of a random back garden? Anything could behind those fence panels. Your parents could be busy making you a bouncing new sibling and we wouldn't know. So, can't see no oil tank. You've got gas and don't want to admit it :)

I imagine you saying all those figures about oil in a robo-Steven Hawkins voice.

"29 point six six these stairs are in my way."
Wed 13/07/05 at 18:45
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
Stryke wrote:
> Seriously, a huge tank just sitting in the garden? I realise how unbelievably stupid I'm
> coming across as, but I never knew this was an option.
> Do they hide it from view? Perhaps with a nice little shrubbery? Although, the lorry would
> destroy this unpon refilling.

It's not huge - a cylinder about 6 feet round by 8 feet long - and they do have a big garden. It's covered on one side by some conifers and the other sides by some fence panel. The lorry parks about 25 feet away and the guy fills it via a pipe.

I'll see if I can find a photo ...

Edit: [URL][/URL] - it's behind the fence panels on the right-hand side. It holds 1,300 litres and my dad takes delivery of 1,000 litres about every 8 months at a cost of 29.66 pence a litre.

Now I feel like a trainspotter ...

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