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"Who is the best pair on mario kart double dash and why?"

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Mon 13/06/05 at 16:05
"2 spread the fluff"
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Mario kart on the Gamecube is the best but i want to know who u think the best two characters are and why

I think that paratrooper and baby BOWSER are imense but wat do you think???
Mon 20/06/05 at 18:01
"The Will of D."
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Baby Luigi and Toad/Diddy Kong (as long as you are good at avoiding your own bannanas).
Mon 20/06/05 at 10:35
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Daisy and Baby Bowser.

3 times of not being hurt by things (and getting to use them) and a big big BIG shell.
Sun 19/06/05 at 23:44
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yoshi and diddy kong
Thu 16/06/05 at 21:33
"You've upset me"
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Koopa Trooper / Wario

Both of their special's are absolutely devastating when timed right, plus good acceleration and speed.

Wario / Waluigi

'Cause they're cool.
Thu 16/06/05 at 15:53
"In Soviet Russia..."
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It must be the food.
Wed 15/06/05 at 22:03
Posts: 9,631
This thread is actually becoming painful :(
Wed 15/06/05 at 22:02
Posts: 4,686
Wed 15/06/05 at 22:00
Posts: 9,995
*flips off grammer addicts*
Wed 15/06/05 at 19:12
Posts: 7,741
Bwahahaha :P
Wed 15/06/05 at 19:02
Posts: 9,631
That's spelling. Not grammar.

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