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"Forza or Project gotham 2 which is better"

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Tue 07/06/05 at 18:58
"Halo 2 is the best!"
Posts: 6
Well which is???
Wed 15/06/05 at 20:09
"absolute mayhem"
Posts: 16
Is everyone still talking about Forza or what?

I'm new to this and just posted my review of Forza...

Its trying to be a simulation but I don't reckon it quite succeeds...
Mon 13/06/05 at 22:53
"Da num.01 rapper"
Posts: 503
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> Don't feed the retards!

Keep up, Say more.............
Mon 13/06/05 at 10:44
Posts: 14,437
Well, if it is indeed a reg, they have determination, I'll give them that.
Mon 13/06/05 at 10:37
Posts: 21,800
You'd hope someone couldn't be this stupid, but then I'd also hope that someone wasn't sad enough to carry on the "me a st00p1d n00b" routine for this long.
Mon 13/06/05 at 10:31
Posts: 14,437
Travelling? I wondered what had happened to him.

Probably isn't him, but it's got to be someone doing this on purpose - nobody is stupid enough to prefer one game over another, then mark it lower than the other!

I sure hope not anyway.
Mon 13/06/05 at 10:29
Posts: 21,800
Wasn't he going travelling or something?

Crystal's definetly not Cyclone.
Mon 13/06/05 at 10:27
Posts: 14,437
Ice Crystal is a Reg.

I'm guessing it's Cycloon, since he seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth...
Mon 13/06/05 at 10:26
Posts: 21,800
Don't feed the retards!
Mon 13/06/05 at 10:25
Posts: 2,938
Ice_Crystal_15 wrote:
> Forza Motorsport is too real
> the handling was too hard

Fair enough, but...

> Forza Motorsport 9.0

How does that work?
Sun 12/06/05 at 22:08
"Remember me?"
Posts: 6,124
I <3 Ice_Crystal_15.


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