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"Family Guy and American Dad"

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Wed 11/05/05 at 23:33
"She's a dog!"
Posts: 1,223
New episodes being shown in USA, which I've acquired. The first family guy was funny but then the second was quite weak. American Dad was funny for the first two episodes but the third was weaker. Is Seth Mcfarlane spread too thinly and will this turn into The Simpons Billionth series crappiness?

Heres to Family Guy episode 3 and American Dad 4.
Sat 09/07/05 at 18:26
Posts: 4,142
Has anyone got episode 8 as it would normally have been uploaded last Sunday/Monday
Sat 18/06/05 at 22:03
Posts: 13,017
I have Family guy season 3, episodes 4 and 5.

Theyre the best two I've ever seen to be honest.
Sat 18/06/05 at 16:37
"I'm Great."
Posts: 2,917
Got seasons 1 - 3. Got 1 and 2 on a buy on get one free offer at 22.99 each and season 3 for only 9.99. Bargin me thinks.
Sat 18/06/05 at 13:05
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
Family Guy is just too good for words.

The fact that you can also buy a series of the hilarity for only 13 beans is an added bonus.
Sat 18/06/05 at 08:33
"I'm Great."
Posts: 2,917
Last episode was the funniest of the current series so far I think. I think I was laughing nearly all the way through.

American Dad was pretty good this time. I can see it improving but never to quite the same level as Family Guy.
Fri 17/06/05 at 10:14
Posts: 842
Joe Dark wrote:
> Anyone know where I could 'obtain' the fourth episode as I havent seen
> it on torrentspy yet and it's been about 2 weeks since episode 3 was
> uploaded.

You could try "". I get most of my tv shows from there.
Thu 16/06/05 at 20:56
"She's a dog!"
Posts: 1,223
New Family Guy is Great...

I really love the joke when Joe is doing impressions and everyone is guessing famous wheelchaired celebrities.

American Dad is funny as well.

I like the alien's powers. I can see that continuing partly because of the to be continued sign.
Tue 14/06/05 at 23:54
Posts: 13,611
Latest Family Guy is hilarious.

"OH MY GOD.. How can you afford these things!?"
Thu 09/06/05 at 13:17
"She's a dog!"
Posts: 1,223
New Episodes.

Family Guy was funny. Particularly liked the Gene Simmons tongue joke. Shame I guessed the joke he played as an intern but still delivered well. People setting themselves on fire was good as well.

American Dad showing some promise. Good solid episode. The joke of him getting into his own car was my favourite. Also liked the one where he saw the shrink.

Thu 02/06/05 at 15:15
Posts: 13,611
Episode 4 isn't available because it hasn't been broadcast. For some reason, it was put back and will be shown on FOX on June 5th.

Same goes for American Dad Episode 5.

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