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"Cabin Fever"

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Fri 06/05/05 at 21:31
Posts: 2,287
Im about to watch it but im a real poof when it comes to scary films. I haven't watched a scary movie for ages, simply because they scare the crap outta me, seriously.

But i've heard it's a good film and I like the sound of it. The whole 'In the middle of the woods all by yourself' thing.

What do you think of it?
Sat 07/05/05 at 12:34
Posts: 21,800
I thought the film was okay when I saw it. Though the end of the film was a total waste, it tried to be funny and failed miserably.

All the stuff at the end was completly tongue in cheek if you didn't realise, it was supposed to be taking the pith out of horror films and how predictable and cliched they are. It just felt completly out of place and spoiled what was otherwise a stupid but entertaining movie.

That bit where he hits the girl in the shed in the face with a shovel makes me cringe just think about it.
Sat 07/05/05 at 09:22
Posts: 2,287
Things I didn't understand:

- The main guy and that brunette girl having sex after all of their friends had just died.

- The brunette girl shaving her legs in a house all by herself when she KNOWS she has that disease.

- That blond haired kid shouting "PANCAKES!" and biting people (while doing karate moves).

- The police guy who acted as if nothing happened at the end when his friend was in the back dying from the disease.

- The dog, why did he just start to attack them for no reason?

- The first sex scene between the brunette and blond man, the woman turned over so she was on top of him and I think she was doing him from behind. :S

- Why did a group of black people come to that little store at the end and start singing country music with the hillbillies?

- The rabbit, when the main guy is in the hospital near the end of the film and he sees a man in a Bunny suit and judging by his facial expressions he was obviously shocked or scared. Why did they show the bunny? What has it got to do with everything else that happaned in the film.

I think this film was supposed to have some humor in it, but it didn't really make me laugh.
Sat 07/05/05 at 00:27
"Bow to me!"
Posts: 1,080
Who made that terrible, terrible film? Truckers thats who!

In conclusion is was terrible yet very watchable.
Fri 06/05/05 at 23:40
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
I thought the film was hilarious.

I hope it was supposed to be.
Fri 06/05/05 at 23:17
Posts: 2,287
Meh, im going to check out the imdb forums, someone must've explained it there.
Fri 06/05/05 at 23:13
Posts: 2,287
Thats what I thought, first the woman started shaving her legs, then that kid started doing matrix style moves and then at the very end a group of black people come along and start singing with the hillbillies.

I really want to know what that all was meant to mean cause i've watched this film for 2 hours and im a bit annoyed tha I didn't get the ending.

Theres probably loads of typos in this post cause im tired.
Fri 06/05/05 at 23:05
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Mozzy wrote:
> That ending was plain weird, someone explain please.

Because it's crap.
Ninja Kids?
Girls shaving their legs for the hell of it?

Eli Roth is without doubt a talanted director, but the execution lets a lot to be desired.
Fri 06/05/05 at 22:52
Posts: 2,287
Just finished watching it and I have a question: Why was the cop acting as if nothing had happened at the end? Was he something to do with the disease?

That ending was plain weird, someone explain please.
Fri 06/05/05 at 22:37
Posts: 2,287
That razor bit was NASTY.

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...and that bit where the blond chick's face is half gone. I thought she was dead, then she blinked and I freaked out!
Fri 06/05/05 at 22:20
Posts: 2,287
Now that is harsh. How can you just lock someone in a little shed like that?

It's dark and probably cold...anything could be in there. Why cant they just keep her locked in a room in the house.

EDIT| Ewww...this is gross.

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