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"Anyone downloaded the new halo2 maps yet?"

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Mon 25/04/05 at 16:30
Posts: 3,348
Just downloading the free ones now.

Might pay 2.99 for the other two maps, however they are free on the 28th June.
Wed 27/04/05 at 19:53
Posts: 21,800
Wizard is awful.

Haven't been in a big enough game to try out the other level properly.
Wed 27/04/05 at 19:44
Posts: 2,938
Yep, there we go.

Wed 27/04/05 at 16:27
Posts: 5,323
Dammit, you didn't try hard enough.

Wave your arms a bit and make 'whooshing' noise.

Now try!
Tue 26/04/05 at 21:50
Posts: 2,938
I took your advice, but blaming him didn't solve the problem.
Tue 26/04/05 at 20:21
Posts: 5,323
They will, you just have to keep on trying.

Blame Ashman.
Tue 26/04/05 at 19:21
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
My maps won't load in a custom game.

Tue 26/04/05 at 19:16
Posts: 5,323
The 'Failed to load map' error is annoying. But ultimately we are allowed to blame Ashman for that.

Top game.
Tue 26/04/05 at 15:52
Posts: 3,348
True, guess they are just very different games. I like the challenge of Halo2 and i like the randomness of not knowing who you are going to be teamed up against, and the feeling of beating someone who has been shouting and giving you grief through the whole match is so satisfying.

I look forward to playing the new levels in matchmaking, especially the ruins level (sanctuary?). Imho i still dont think there will be a fps released on the Xbox to match Halo2.
Tue 26/04/05 at 15:38
Posts: 21,800
Gp wrote:
> Tiltawhirl maybe your just not very good at Halo2?

Nah, I used to be able to play the game well but it just wasn't very enjoyable. For the first 2 weeks it was fun and I used to kick a lot of ass but I just got bored of having to listen to idiotic American kids screaming in my ears everytime they killed me, that coupled with some really dire matchmaking set-ups and the whole thing just got boring very quickly.

I put a lot of the boredom down to Bungie not allowing you to search for other peoples custom games. The matchmaking set-up's a nice idea but custom games are so much more fun, but I never have enough friends online at the same time to make the most out of it. There's just no logic in not allowing a normal style optimatch search for unranked games, but then there's no real logic behind Bungie not allowing online co-op either.

Timesplitters 3 for me is the perfect Xbox Live shooter. Not only is the game a lot of fun but everyone's on there to have fun, no pasty faced Amercians screaming "n00b FaG" everytime they kill you and no insane groups of nerds that beat you in 10 seconds with their L337 tactics. No-one takes the game too seriously which is what I love about it and loathe about the majority of online games. I mean how could you take a game seriously when you can play as a squid or a Ninja monkey?
Tue 26/04/05 at 15:28
Posts: 3,348
Tiltawhirl maybe your just not very good at Halo2? As for Timesplitters being more fun, imo its a very poor game, and has too much of a chaotic feel to the multiplayer. Just end up shooting randomly because you cant really see whats going on.

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