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Fri 22/04/05 at 23:14
": ("
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Watch now. ITV 1.

It's gonna be a good one cause my friend watched it on Monday and said so. Man I love this program so much.

Mon 02/05/05 at 20:14
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Sorry I didn't mean it like that, Im happy Najai won but I do agree Tarick too it very well...he didn't cry like the others did.

They all have sad stories to tell, don't they? Anyway Juan has left :(
Mon 02/05/05 at 19:59
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Mozzy wrote:
> Im so happy Tarik lost. Najai all the way!

Why? What was so bad about Tarick ?! Tarick seemed like a nice guy and didn't offend anyone.

He was a 'good loser' and he fought well, so did Najai (well enough to win) but they both had an interesting style in a good fight.

There was nothing wrong with Tarick, Najai's cool but still, no reason to be 'so glad' Tarick dropped out
Mon 02/05/05 at 11:09
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Bravo are doing a similar thing but for UFC.
Mon 02/05/05 at 11:08
"member of dogg poun"
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I have missed a few episiodes. I hope they do a repeat of the whole series again and a new series, because it's just so good.
Sun 01/05/05 at 23:48
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Im so happy Tarik lost. Najai all the way!
Sun 01/05/05 at 21:28
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I've caught up now, was a very evenly matched fight : Najai vs Tarick

They both had an unorthodox style and threw some mean punches

Not groundbreaking but an interesting fight nonetheless. The funniest part of the programme was the blatant ad. through Sugar Ray

"This was made by the good people of ... " and it showed a video of them "a non-profitable charity" and then showed their sponsors
Sat 30/04/05 at 20:58
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I watched half of the episode from the tape of the recording

The grudge scenario was shaping up nicely but I missed the fights thanks to having to build a BBQ

Will catch up tomorrow
Mon 25/04/05 at 21:55
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Either ITV1 or ITV2

I think it's ITV1, Friday, at about 12.15 a.m
Mon 25/04/05 at 21:54
": ("
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I forgot it was on!!!

I blame the lack of adverts to remind me.
Mon 25/04/05 at 21:52
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Hmm I'll be seeing the episode on the repeat show on Friday at about 12.15 a.m as I usually do

I'll give you my opinion on the match on Saturday night

Ishe Smith being hypocritical and throwing stuff around looks funny though ;)

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