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"Halo 2 : Single player progress (Spoilers)"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Halo 2'.
Fri 12/11/04 at 15:47
Posts: 4,910
Just thought I'd keep the single player aspect in one thread. So where abouts are people? I'm quite far in I think.


I'm up to the bit called "Sacred Icon" where I have to lower the shield protecting the Icon. It's been quite a good game so far, but it doesn't feel like that much of a war as such, oh and the cut scene **SPOILER** where you see Master Chief being dragged under water is pretty amazing **END SPOILER**
Sun 14/11/04 at 19:21
"Im a Daddy :-)"
Posts: 346
I completed it today! Feels strange now thou, after waiting for so long part of me carnt help feeling a bit let down. The end came so fast I had to play through the last level again because it felt liked I had missed something. Some of the levels were great and will be repeated many of times (just like a,o,t,c,r on halo 1), on the hole the game felt a bit short. It was annoying that the textures were so jumpy (i died 4 times because it looked like something had jumpped out by me in the middle of big gun fights). But at the end of the day and most importantly it felt like halo, if you know what I mean? and I loved it. So much that Im just about to start again.Now there is just the year or two to wait to find out what happens next... oh and possibly the cost of the xbox to play it on!
Sun 14/11/04 at 13:13
"Insert Gently"
Posts: 2,681
Daveus wrote:
> I'm on the level where Master Cheif has to get The Icon Back (you'll
> know what that is if you're there/been there)

Sun 14/11/04 at 09:18
Posts: 1,302
I'm on the level where Master Cheif has to get The Icon Back (you'll know what that is if you're there/been there)
Sun 14/11/04 at 00:52
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
monkey_man wrote:
> I dunno how far that is, but I got past that after about 2 hours of
> play. Only doing it on normal to get used to it at first though -
> then straight to Legendary, as it should be played.


And I completed early yesterday - probably at around 12.
Sat 13/11/04 at 19:16
Posts: 15,443
Heh I was sruck there too. Kept on dropping through the holes only to go on the level below.
Sat 13/11/04 at 19:13
"Insert Gently"
Posts: 2,681
I was stuck on that platform where the flying robots are in a unlimited supply 30 minutes later and no ammo I found that piston in the corner. Arrghhh
Sat 13/11/04 at 19:09
Posts: 3,348
You have to jump into the wall when one of the doors open and the flood come out
Sat 13/11/04 at 19:08
Posts: 47
I'm trying to get past the go through flood invested wall bit, but I'm stuck, killed all enemies and spent half hour walking in circles, any help anyone? :P
Sat 13/11/04 at 18:59
Posts: 3,348
Completed it just a moment ago. I guess different levels take longer for some people. I did the last 2 and a half levels in about an hour, seemed pretty easy to me.

Weird how there is no recognition that you have completed it. I mean it doesnt tell you what difficulty level you have done each level on so is there any point in doing it on heroic and legendary? At least you got a little skull on Halo!

And are there any multi-player levels to unlock? and how?
Sat 13/11/04 at 17:34
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Went to the midnight opening and got through the story mode early Thursday morning. Playing through it again at the moment. Loving every minute of it still. :-)

Gonna have to go on Live soon. ;-))

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