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"Fuel Prices"

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Wed 06/04/05 at 10:17
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Last night I was instructed by a higher authority to up fuel prices again at my work. This is the 5th rise in 3 weeks! whats happening? how much more can fuel go up? what price is fuel in other parts of the UK here in South East Scotland its

Diesel 90.9
Optimax 96.9
Wed 06/04/05 at 21:55
"period drama"
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I go to the Channel Islands whenever I need to fill my car up.
Wed 06/04/05 at 19:56
"Puerile Shagging"
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82.9p in Brighton
86.something in Cambridge
Wed 06/04/05 at 19:54
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well you would think it would have to? am sure the last time we had the protest it was actually cheaper than it is now? also these prise rises are still nothing to do with the budget icrease in September.
Wed 06/04/05 at 19:47
"you've got a beard"
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too damn much.
i wonder if it'll get to protest stage again?
Wed 06/04/05 at 17:11
"Not a Jew"
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Oh dear.
Wed 06/04/05 at 17:10
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What are you talking about?
Wed 06/04/05 at 17:01
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He lives near Stirling.
Wed 06/04/05 at 16:57
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I don't fill up with petrol.
I tell my car to move and it does so.

That and the fact that I've not passed my test yet.

Ow, I hurt my foot.
Wed 06/04/05 at 16:57
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the aa petrol busters site used to be good.

it had all the petrol prices in the uk updated every week and gave you the cheapest price in your area. I guess it was just too much work to keep it going.
Wed 06/04/05 at 16:51
Posts: 460
I have an unconfirmed price of 99.9 per lt in Inverness

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