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"Rainbow Six: Vegas"

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Sat 02/12/06 at 13:05
Posts: 33,481
This is good this is really good, but so hard oh so hard.

So far I've only made my mutliplayer character done the first 10 seconds of the first mission/training whatever it is and spent a couple of hours in co-op trying to do the mexican town terrorist hunt.

So far our best is getting down to 12 terrorsits from 40, IT'S HARD! But it's also great, blind-firing is great, the terrorist AI is great (although they are prone to charging in), the weapons are great, oh it's all bloody great so far!

So to re-cap: It's great.
Thu 19/04/07 at 10:54
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Got those pesky achievements the other day.
Downloaded the new content pack yesterday - new maps are huge and pretty good fun as is the assassination mode.
Thu 19/04/07 at 10:46
Posts: 7
i dont know, for me it was kinda easy but realistic was a pain in the butt!
Sun 15/04/07 at 09:52
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Aye thats cool, been doing them on my own.

Some of the maps are stupidly hard. As soon as you go round some corners you get a shotgun to the face from out of nowhere.
Sat 14/04/07 at 22:59
Posts: 33,481
You don't need to. They mis-labelled the achievement and you have to do the hunts on your own on realistic to get the 'splitscreen achievement'.

Oddness. :D
Sat 14/04/07 at 14:19
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Still need to do the split screen terrorist hunt on realistic. Gets a bit hectic on some of the maps - can't even remember which ones I've done and which I've not.
Fri 13/04/07 at 15:07
Posts: 33,481
With reduced numbers the normal terrorist hunt is easy. I still find the hardcore hunt by myself to be quite a challenge, quite hard to check every corner and not get shot in the back whilst doing it. :D
Fri 13/04/07 at 09:08
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
I started playing the single player again the other day to try get some of the achievments - realistic single player story and terrorist hunt ones.

Still rate this as being the best 360 game out there for online fun. The co-op and multiplayer modes are excellent and the offline game is great fun to play through too (think I'm on my 4-5 time going through the story, thats not including the co-op story either).

Looking forward to the in game content download when it comes along.
Fri 13/04/07 at 03:09
"Copyright: FM Inc."
Posts: 10,338
I found the terrorist hunts easy after 30 or 40 attempts, but I still occasionally get hit at point blank range by a shotgun here and there, not to mention friendly fire and unfortunate ricochets by some of my inexpertly lobbed grenades.
Fri 13/04/07 at 00:41
"Raz is best"
Posts: 4
I have rainbow six vegas on the 360 its a great game but i think the terrorist hunts are easy
Sun 03/12/06 at 12:31
Posts: 21,800
Rainbow Six 3 was an absoloute joke on the Gamecube, I can't even begin to imagine how bad Vegas would be on the Wii. I'm suprised they're even bothering releasing it infact, these types of games will completly pale on lesser hardware.

Oh and the co-op is absoloutly superb online. I haven't played much versus, but I spent most of Friday evening playing through the first 2 areas in co-op with a friend and it was simply some of the best online gaming I've had on 360 so far. The first casino level is so well designed, I love the way the enviroments take so much damage, really adds to the feeling of tense and exciting gun fights.

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