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"Who will you be voting for?"

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Wed 09/03/05 at 20:40
Posts: 13,017
There's a general election on the horizon and it means government money is coming out of education, healthcare and police and into propaganda campaigns.

It's almost certainly a two-horse race which Cheshire-car faced Tony will win, and blubbering cash-wasting Tories will come second in, before their angered voters turn to more radical right wing parties who offer them policies as opposed to middle-ground but-more-racist-than-labour policies. Namely UKip or BNP, who are openly racist, just not so much middle ground.

Personally I'm voting for the British Socialist Party. Commies, of sorts. I feel that it's an honour to have a vote and I wont waste it, instead I'll plough a wry amount of hope into a small party with a more coherent phillosophy than the chimps-in-suits running the country.

How about you then?

Be political or not-so as you wish.

Ooh and argue, that would be fun.
Mon 21/03/05 at 22:09
"smile, it's free"
Posts: 6,460
I'd actually vote Labour if Blair were gone.
Mon 21/03/05 at 11:52
Posts: 23,284
I never said vote Conservative.
I hate them more.
Mon 21/03/05 at 11:10
"Wanking Mong"
Posts: 4,884
So you trust Blair when he talks about being hard on immigrants, but you don't like when he goes to war and creates them?

Mon 21/03/05 at 09:09
"Don't let me down"
Posts: 626
SHEEPY wrote:
> Anybody that votes Labour should... not.

They done more for Britain than the conservatives will ever do, one thing about Labour is they will always stick up for the average working class. Saying that, after watching Panarama last night, I don't see why anyone should trust anything he has to say. I'm just waiting for the day Gordon Brown enters the hotseat and all will hopefully be well and good. One thing about him, I can't see him bieng taken for a ride by any of the Bush clang in the way Blair did.
Sun 20/03/05 at 12:08
"Retarded List"
Posts: 642
SHEEPY wrote:
> Anybody that votes Labour should... not.

Or they should if they don't like Britain.
Sun 20/03/05 at 11:40
Posts: 23,284
Anybody that votes Labour should... not.
Sun 20/03/05 at 11:23
Posts: 13,017
gamesfreak wrote:
> Paradox, why exactly are you voting for the BSP?

I have a theory - socialism is fun.

However due to them being little-known and absent of almost any coherent policy I may well vote conservative, just to up-the-odds of avoiding another Labour ministry. Whilst I don't agree with all the conservative policies at least they don't have the America-panic fever.
Fri 18/03/05 at 20:19
Posts: 7,741
I vote Dringo.
Fri 18/03/05 at 20:14
"Peace Respect Punk"
Posts: 8,069
All the shiznay about tactical voting... There really isn't a right or wrong answer... If an election is really close and you know it, it might be worth voting for the 'lesser of the two evils' to try and keep the greater evil out of power. But at the same time, this kind of tactical voting for one of the biggest two parties just endorses a two party system, which ensures that the parties we really want to see in power never get there... (well, based on this thread, most people don't seem to want Labour or Conservative in power, regardless of stance on tactical voting...)

But anyway, as someone said earlier, no matter who you vote for, they'll never carry out all their policies, because policies are just marketing campaigns... Hype up the product, and once they've got the sale they're not too bothered about the customer support until they need the next sale... Great analogy I think...
Fri 18/03/05 at 15:05
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
BSP ... what unfortunate initialing.

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