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"Opinons on my site design..."

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Tue 08/03/05 at 17:52
Posts: 1,174
can you please give me your opionons on my site - [URL][/URL] be as critical as you want.
Thanks Dave.
Wed 09/03/05 at 11:47
Posts: 4,899
Doesn't do anything for me... Too cluttered.
Tue 08/03/05 at 21:45
Posts: 1,560
Colours = Bad, black and bright primary colours rarely works.
Layout = Good, aside from some code problems people have already outlined.
Tue 08/03/05 at 20:36
Posts: 4,279
Creepy wrote:
> Damarus that's so cute! ;D

:D I need to make designs that appeal to more people than myself so making them cute is the way to go :P
Tue 08/03/05 at 19:41
"Dr. Chad Niga"
Posts: 4,550
Personally, i dont like it.
Tue 08/03/05 at 19:35
Posts: 3,941
Damarus that's so cute! ;D
Tue 08/03/05 at 19:33
Posts: 1,112
Change the Times New Roman font as well, maybe some more images?
Tue 08/03/05 at 18:58
Posts: 1,174
Thanks alot Garin, i see what you mean i'll be changing some of the stuff around and i'll consider those points.
monkey_man you immuture nerd, get a life!
Tue 08/03/05 at 18:49
Posts: 4,279
Speaking of site designs.


It's not going to be my actual site design. I'm just putting a few designs together to build up a portfolio.*

[S]*And then I can say I have some actual content on my site :P
Tue 08/03/05 at 18:10
"Devil in disguise"
Posts: 3,151
Theres lots of little errors in terms of layout in both IE and Firefox, the header is misaligned, your scrolling banners overlap onto the frame, and a few other things.

But the biggest problem I see with it at the moment is that the red you're using to frame stuff is far too bright. They take focus away from the actual page content, which in itself is quite dark anyway.
The menu is interesting (not going to get into a debate about whether you should use flash menus or not), but it looks a bit squashed like its been squeezed into the header, perhaps modifying the footer on it a bit might help.
Not sure about those 3 red horizontal bars either, your page has a vertical flow to it, so the 3 bars look out of place to me.
Tue 08/03/05 at 17:55
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Give me back my eyes you dickcheese!!!

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