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"How to stop a speed camera using womens cosmetics..."

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Mon 21/02/05 at 16:49
Posts: 23,218
Any idea what cosmetic you need to put on your number plate to stop yourself getting caught by a camera? In the News of the World on Sunday it said that "Thousands" of people had been sharing the way to stop being detected over the net but I haven't found it yet - im guessing its hair spray or nail varnish.
Tue 22/02/05 at 15:03
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
If you get caught just explain that you where drunk at the time and couldn't read the speed limit. :D
Tue 22/02/05 at 14:53
Posts: 4,899
Yep, 'tis Black Lipstick.

Why do you need it though?
Tue 22/02/05 at 14:27
Posts: 9,808
Black Lipstick (Borrow some froma goth). Use it to change the numbers/letters so they look like other numbers/letters. If you get pulled up by the police, act like you don't know how it got their and blame it on dirt/mud/the old lady you just ran over.
Mon 21/02/05 at 21:45
Posts: 2,085
Just get a road angel, tells you when to slam on the brakes.
Mon 21/02/05 at 21:23
Posts: 23,284
I hate people who speed.

And their secret little cosmetic clubs and flashy light people.
Driving home in a blizzard, doing about 30-35mph on a 40mph road and some prrick behind me is flahsing his fog lights at me.

Yeah, nice one mate.
Mon 21/02/05 at 21:17
"I play the Harmonic"
Posts: 1,412
How about getting one of those GPS things with speed camera detectors?
Mon 21/02/05 at 21:06
Posts: 10,364
You can get one of those things that deflect the flash of the camera for your numberplate can't you?

Dunno if they are illegal mind.
Mon 21/02/05 at 20:58
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Stick a picture of something horrible on your liscence plate. The camera will see it and explode.
Mon 21/02/05 at 19:28
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
Niddle wrote:
> As far as I know, cling film would work, because the flash would
> reflect off the film, and it would be too bright for the camera to
> pick it up. NNot sure if it works, though.. I'll leave it to you to
> test ;-)

Nope, it doesn't work.

English_Bloke wrote:
> I've heard that it's hair spray, but I don't know if it works or not.

That doesn't work either.

Via-torala wrote:
> Have the plates at an angle or cover them in a way that they can be
> read from straight behind but not from the left.

Maybe, but it's still not fool-proof to cameras that take piccies of the front of the car or take pictures from different angles.
Mon 21/02/05 at 19:22
Posts: 18,487
Have the plates at an angle or cover them in a way that they can be read from straight behind but not from the left.

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