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"I Don't like Greenday! (gasp)"

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Thu 17/02/05 at 23:45
"A Paladin with a PH"
Posts: 684
So there, fools. I'm making loads of enemies by doing this but I don't care, I'm off to bed in a sec. They suck, they really do. Simplistic riffs and no definite style or identity. American idiot sucked and is like, the most unmusical track I've ever heard, Boulevard of Broken Dreams could be played by a two year old with a mandolin, but some of their older stuff wasn't as bad.

Sure, I like other sorts of music combining many of the techniques tehy use. Metallica, Black Sabbath, Chilli Peps, Franz Ferdinand, Killers and practically any pre-nineties rock band (I'm such a sucker). Please, abuse as much as you want. Mwahahah.
Fri 18/02/05 at 19:12
"A Paladin with a PH"
Posts: 684
I'm not trying to impose my views on anyone else, I was just trying to see if anyone shared them. And what is trolling? Sorry for the lack of knowledge and all.
Fri 18/02/05 at 14:39
Posts: 2,938
Emitime wrote:
> American Idiot sucks. Yes. But saying Dookie sucks... Bleh.
> So wrong :(

Kerplunk's good too.

But I agree with you all, American Idiot does suck.
Fri 18/02/05 at 13:13
Posts: 9,631
And She... And FOD, and Sassafras Roots and Pulling Teeth.

There's only really a few not good songs on it.
Fri 18/02/05 at 13:04
"Prefers Tesis"
Posts: 673
Greendays new album is a load of toss imo. The middle stuff is the best. eg nimrod. Dookie is quite good but some of the songs are pure junk. apart from basketcase, long view, welcome to paradise and when I come around. oh and burnout.
Fri 18/02/05 at 11:26
Posts: 9,631
rah wrote:
> Anyone who claims Greenday make good music really need to sort
> themselves out.

I'll agree with you. They don't. They DID at one point though.
Fri 18/02/05 at 11:22
Posts: 9,631
American Idiot sucks. Yes. But saying Dookie sucks... Bleh.

So wrong :(
Fri 18/02/05 at 11:13
Posts: 10,437
You don't like Greenday so you post a topic about it? By all means, they suck, but this is just pointless trolling, everyone's allowed their own taste in music.
Fri 18/02/05 at 10:11
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
yeah, i was never the biggest U2 fan to be fair, but their newer stuff is nowhere near the awesomeness of the joshua tree
Fri 18/02/05 at 01:31
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
I no im gona get people moaning at me for this but U2 should change there name to UPOO there so rubbish NOW. They use to be good but now there just a load of POO on my SHOE!
Fri 18/02/05 at 01:16
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
rah wrote:

> Christ, get some taste and listen to some good music ffs that isn't
> faux-emotive crap that's trying to make a statement and appeal to the
> masses of teens that jump on the no bombs anti-Bush bandwagon.

does that mean people who like U2 only do so because of bono's anti-war rantings?
out of interest, have you checked out the earlier green day material?
i ask because a lot of people moan about american idiot (the single) and i can see their point, it did seem a tad "well timed" perhaps.
either way, most people at least have an opinion on it one way or the other, so they've done their job. i know they're not really a pure punk sounding band but i can't help but feel that this is what most people have taken exception to. If "american idiot" had been released by Black Flag, there probably wouldn't be as much of a backlash.

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