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"who owns perfect dark and banjo"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Perfect Dark'.
Wed 24/11/04 at 15:53
Posts: 45
who actually owns the rights to make sequals to perfect dark and banjo cuz i really want to see a sequel to them , oh and who actually 'owns' the goldeneye game , cuz isnt there any way that E.A can actually do something right for once and like re do it for the new generation * but without changing a THING , just a simple port , mebe with online play*
Sat 27/11/04 at 00:59
"Bad Wolf; England"
Posts: 920
Marcini wrote:
> The new Goldeneye looks like a botched job. The original is by Rare
> who always made good games, but the new one is obviously EA who make
> less than good games most of the time. I think that Ninty should
> somehow buy the rights to Banjo and Perfect Dark and make sequals. I
> dont know if its possible to do but if they could it would be good
> for us, and moneymaking for Nintendo no doubt.

Damn right.

Except for the bit about Ninty owning Rare.
Thu 25/11/04 at 21:55
Posts: 2,048

Thinking of getting it.
Thu 25/11/04 at 21:53
Posts: 18,185
Crumble wrote:
> Speaking on Rare, anyone got news on Banjo Pilot?

Released early next year.
Thu 25/11/04 at 21:50
Posts: 2,048
Speaking on Rare, anyone got news on Banjo Pilot?
Thu 25/11/04 at 21:46
Posts: 18,185
Strafio wrote:
> Didn't the Stampers sell to MS as well?

I thought they did.

Thu 25/11/04 at 19:59
Posts: 9,848
Didn't the Stampers sell to MS as well?
Thu 25/11/04 at 19:20
"Fishing For Reddies"
Posts: 4,986
Microsoft doesn't own Rare, it's just the largest non-Stamper shareholder... Owning 49%.

Perfect Dark is a big weight to throw around, so is Banjo. Nintendo won't get them and Nintendo don't want them.

I don't think Banjo will cut it with XBOX gamers. Conker - Definitely. Perfect Dark - Should Do. But banjo is too cute... and unless they can beef things up somewhat, and make it more of a Jak/Ratchet style game, I think they'll struggle to sell the whole Snow Level, Desert Level, Witch Level Idea.
Thu 25/11/04 at 19:12
Posts: 15,681
Rumpadodosnitzle wrote:

> Err....They bought them outright. They own them. They could rename
> them "BILLS GIMP WORKSHOP" if they liked, they own the
> whole lot...

They bought Nintendo's share - around 52%.

Although classed as one of Microsoft's Games Studios, they are a second party.

As for Goldeneye - there's no reason why EA and Rare couldn't do a deal on porting Goldeneye, but it is guaranteed for release only on Xbox if that were to happen. (I certainly wouldn't complain)
Thu 25/11/04 at 12:48
Posts: 18,185
There won't be a Gamecube Banjo...

The last Banjo game was for the GBA and the next one (Banjo Pilot) is also for the GBA.
Thu 25/11/04 at 12:31
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
I can never ever ever see that happening.

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