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"Please help me whith these 2 girls before Valentines day"

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Mon 07/02/05 at 21:38
"Now then"
Posts: 46
Now there are 2 buff girls that i like they don't know each other but they both want me to take them out on a valentines date but i can only take one as the times are so close together.The first one is Abrgail she is buff my size and beautifull she is mixrace and is very ticklish and funny,the other one i Amber again she is mixrace but this time she is a little bit shorter than me so which one should i go on a date with?and just tell me if u need a little more description.

P.s I am offerin the footage of the ending of this Dilema to the ones who give me good advice or help me choose the write 1
Fri 18/02/05 at 20:03
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
email the footage to [email protected]
Fri 18/02/05 at 20:02
"I play the Harmonic"
Posts: 1,412
I do, give me your email and i'll tell you when I want it.
Fri 18/02/05 at 20:01
"Now then"
Posts: 46
so no one wants any footage
Wed 16/02/05 at 14:18
" (im so hungry"
Posts: 6
tell me if u have msn give me ur email then i will send it to u.

P.S this is ur only chance
Tue 15/02/05 at 23:23
Posts: 20,776
Timmargh wrote:
> Especially if it's me.
> *da dum tisch*

For gods sake, it's 'BA-dum TISCH'

You sound like such an idiot when you get it wrong.

I think you should make like a tree, and get out of here.
Tue 15/02/05 at 22:35
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
RIP merm's heart.
Tue 15/02/05 at 22:33
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
Lucy Jane wrote:
> Ahhh that really hurts me.. But then again doesn't as dont have a
> clue who you are.. so why would it.

What gives you the right to lie so blatantly, then turn around and admit your lying immediately afterwards? You disgust me.

Instead of lying, why don't you just RIP MY HEART OUT, YOU SICK FREAK?
Tue 15/02/05 at 20:48
Posts: 1,204
itll just be a vid of leeway sitting on his arm chair for four hours.
Then falling asleep.
And then it'll loop.
Tue 15/02/05 at 14:30
Posts: 10,759
LeeWay wrote:
> Now who wants some footage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue 15/02/05 at 13:52
Posts: 14,437
It wasn't supposed to be taken seriously

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