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"The power of the David James"

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Sun 06/02/05 at 18:22
Posts: 16,558
For the Chelski fans!! Bwhahahaha :p What a save by the way.
Fri 11/02/05 at 10:41
"Prefers Tesis"
Posts: 673
I've noticed that only people who have a passing interest in football seem to support chelsea. Its like they think, oh they're the best, so I'll support them. True fact :)
Mon 07/02/05 at 20:41
"kill my enemys"
Posts: 504
no its being gay
Mon 07/02/05 at 20:04
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
i think it's ignorance or stupidity myself :-D
Mon 07/02/05 at 19:58
Posts: 4,345

I love the way jealousy always prevails....

Mon 07/02/05 at 19:35
"\(^_-)/ yea i win"
Posts: 108
i don't care they are all w*****s anyway
Mon 07/02/05 at 19:34
Posts: 4,345
You speak as if there are a lot of cocky chelsea fans on here....

1. There are hardly any chelsea fans on sr
2. They're not cocky. 'Cept for maybe ashley :P
Mon 07/02/05 at 19:28
"\(^_-)/ yea i win"
Posts: 108
Chelsea think they are the best with there spending flurry last season. Well wot r u gonna do now robbens injured you are going to lose games and Man u r gonna win the league. No glory for you Chelsea fans

ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, i'm starting to choke AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Mon 07/02/05 at 10:51
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
Calamity causes Chelsea crash.

oooh the alliteration
Mon 07/02/05 at 09:39
Posts: 8,818
Oh stop whining, David James had a great game. end of.
Yes, he makes mistakes, but yesterday he was fantastic.
Can't beleive he wasn't man of the match.
Sun 06/02/05 at 22:53
"Great Scott's"
Posts: 1,036
Before any decides to post that David James is a great keeper, i have a few words for you.

Ok, as a everton fan i know what a good keeper looks like (Nigel Martyn), i am not one of these fans that will say David James is not good enough to play for england. David James like Mark Bonisch is a cracking shop stopper, but lacks the alround game that keepers like David Seaman, Peter Schmeichel, Petr Cech and Buffon have. In england the is not many keepers that can shot stop better than James, but Robinson is the better alround keeper of the two english keepers varying for the number one shirt.

I am not here to rubbish David James, but before people start wamking over him saying should be number one for england, i have to point out that he can be very inconsistant, and despite the age of Nigel Martyn he is still a very good keeper. But i aint the england manager so i have no say over the matter but that is what i say.

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