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"M. Night Shamalamadingdong's "The Village.""

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Sat 05/02/05 at 13:08
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
What a disappointing waste of 2 hours of my life. I got the twist after about 10 minutes, including what was in the secret boxes. To be honest, if you don't get it within the first half an hour, I reckon you have to wear special gloves because your knuckles drag on the ground. There's something about his films that I really don't like, but can't put my finger on it. They're mostly...bad? It's like someone told him that the Sixth Sense was ok, and he thinks he's some kind of horror master. Reminds me of Garth Marenghi in a way.

The one thing I did like was...

*** SPOILER ***

Joaquin Phoenix. I like the way he wasn't in the second half of the film. Wasn't dead, but once he was injured he just wasn't in it. And Adrien Brody being a spaz. Mostly crap though.
Mon 07/02/05 at 20:45
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
Lol for some reasons he's talking about Gremlins!
Mon 07/02/05 at 20:30
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
crossbob wrote:
> Have you seen M.Night in that new advert with the car?

Probably fell asleep before he came on screen.
Mon 07/02/05 at 20:28
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
Have you seen M.Night in that new advert with the car?
Mon 07/02/05 at 20:23
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
I fear that if I watched "The Village", I might inadvertently end up falling into a coma (it is a Shyamalan film).
Mon 07/02/05 at 18:25
Posts: 7,037

Was gonna buy it tonight in Blockbusters just after watching the trailer they had on the TV there.. mainly because I liked the music. :^) But seeing as it's gotten such bad reviews, it's probably worth a rent instead.
Mon 07/02/05 at 17:52
Posts: 11,875
I worked out the core of the twist from reading the blurb on the DVD.

Perhaps the next twist in his film script by numbers production should be that there isn't one?
Mon 07/02/05 at 16:32
"Psytrance junkie"
Posts: 4,114
ßora† §agdiyeV wrote:
> dull, dull dull. next up for my critical eye is 'Football Factory'.
> There had better be lots of burberry chavs sticking broken bottles in
> each others faces or I'll be disappointed.

If that's what you want from it, you should be happy enough. I can only remember one or two events from the whole film, but chav-centric violence featured strongly. Enjoy :)
Mon 07/02/05 at 16:17
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Wow, dull director in "twist-ending" shocker.
Somebody tried to get me to watch The Sixth Sense until I said "He's dead or the kid is" and they looked crestfallen that I could've possibly worked out the amazingincredible ending.
Tried to watch Unbreakable but found myself wondering if I needed to watch the 2nd disc to see the actual ending, instead of what appeared to be the climax run-up that turned out to actually be the ending.
Terrible, terrible film.

Haven't seen Signs or The Village, nor do I want to.
Sun 06/02/05 at 22:53
"A man with a stick"
Posts: 5,883
The accompanying "Buried Secret of M. Night ‘noonecanpronouncehisname’" that was shown on TV was also quite dire. Essentially one long, badly acted documentary type thing that pretended to uncover some dark secret the director had. It was actually an overly long advertisement for his movies, and not a very entertaining one at that, though some of the appalling acting did make me laugh.
Sun 06/02/05 at 20:05
Posts: 13,017
Samuel L Jackson was bloody good in it though.

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