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Fri 28/01/05 at 16:25
Posts: 23,216
Can you rape a dead person?

Rape (noun)

1. To force (another person) to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse; commit rape on.
2. To seize and carry off by force.
3. To plunder or pillage.

The basic question is, even if a person is dead, is something still against their will? Or is a dead person only a body, an empty vessel of what once carried a human being, making it impossible to rape them as they are simply an object?

Never mind if you'd actually want to rape a dead person, I'm just interested in how people view the dead.
Tue 01/02/05 at 23:36
Posts: 33,481
Define 'head'.
Tue 01/02/05 at 23:35
Posts: 23,216
I would, but your head would explode from the complexity.
Tue 01/02/05 at 23:33
Posts: 33,481
Define 'Evil'.
Tue 01/02/05 at 23:27
Posts: 23,216
The Confederate wrote:

Quote sources dear, or even just link to them.

I personally hate all EVIL people and I vow to kill them all.
Tue 01/02/05 at 23:23
Posts: 33,481
Cycloon wrote:
> Unjustifiably.

Unjust Hero's a Necro?
Tue 01/02/05 at 23:22
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Basically, I don't like anyone who's nasty.

Tue 01/02/05 at 23:20
"The South Will Rise"
Posts: 227
Tell ya there is 5 things that really bother me;

1. Men who beat their wives
2. People who are child molesters
3. Rapists
4. People who kill
5. Drug dealers

thats even worse raping dead bodies... I think its called "necrophilia"

Necrophilia is a paraphilia characterized by a sexual attraction to nonresponsive persons, including the comatose and corpses. Necrophilia is a primary movitve behind the use of incapacitating chemicals (such as GHB) to commit date rape. The most sensationalized form of necrophilia is when it involves sex with the dead, and in colloquial use "necrophilia" normally involves the dead.

Figuratively, the term "necrophilia" describes an inordinate desire to control another person, usually in the context of a romantic or interpersonal relationship; the accusation is that the person is so interpersonally controlling as to be better-suited to relationships with nonresponsive people.

Necrophilia has also been a motive for some serial killers, including murderer Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer, who ate his victims after killing them. Several other murderers have described drawing sexual excitement from killing, as well, such as Karla Faye Tucker, who claimed to have an orgasm with each swing of the axe she used to kill Jerry Lynn Dean.

In come cases, necrophiliacs work in the funeral business, presumably for the facile access to human corpses.
Tue 01/02/05 at 15:38
Posts: 23,284
It would be like that scene in Kill Bill.

Though she wouldn't wake up and it would be colder AND probably smellier.
Tue 01/02/05 at 12:52
"Wanking Mong"
Posts: 4,884
Legally, you'd probably get done for an act of indecency, or Outraging Public Decency. But not Rape; you cannot rape an inanimate, non-living object. To be raped, one has to have the theoretical capability to consent, or be a living person who is incapable of stating whether they're consenting or not (coma victims, severely mentally handicapped and so forth).
Tue 01/02/05 at 12:46
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
"My body is a temple, that's why I leave my shoes on the outside"

I've got a spoof of the NHS donor card called a Necrocard. Basically the same design, but the instructions on the back list: -

"I hearby leave my body to be used in the following sexual practices,
1) Straight only
2) Gay only
3) None mutilation only
4) Anything goes!"

Quite amusing.

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