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"Metroid Prime: Hunters multiplayer impressions..."

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Wed 01/12/04 at 14:15
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Tad annoying that you seem to need two carts to play it, but after 4 deathmatches it seems to be quite brilliant. Yes, the controls are dodgy at first, but before too long they become second nature, after less than an hours play I was morph-balling mid battle, laying some charges and turning back and and kicking some green-samus ass with ease.

The 'Rickatron' (can't beat tacky battle names) gives this the thumbs up. First level is alright, a lot of Morph Ball only areas to zoom around in. To be fair it is a little simplistic, but it's neither too big for small numbers of players, or too small for large numbers, it's a wonderful middle-of-the-road level. To be fair there are only three to choose from on the demo... but shush.

The second is the biggest, so for my exploits in two-player it was really quite dull. A lot of bouncy springy things to jump on, and hidy places to ambush people from. Plus there's a rather tasty weapon to be uncovered if you scout around. Some electricity beam that releases a very nice explosion when dispatched. Sweet.

Third is the winnar for 2-player though. Small, a few little hidy places (but not so many that you can just hide for ages without going into battle), and makes for action-packed, high-octane battles. With 4-player I could see it getting very, very cramped, but it seems perfect for one-on-one. Both matches I had on this were seriously none-stop brilliance. I suppose the big downfall with importing is that most of you will have to wait until March to play anyone you know on this (haha... sorry :-( ), but it's really worth the wait.

And don't think because of the controls it's going to be impossible to hit anyone either; the collision detection on the characters looks to have been slightly increased, so if you send a rocket flying towards your mate (who will most likely be jumping around like a lunatic to avoid it) it won't go flying under their arm if it's almost on target, it will cause some pain. That may seem a little crappy, but it's needed really.

You all know about the graphics, but I must stress, looks so very beautiful. Like a watered-down Cube version without the flashy stuff.

The bottom line? I recommend this very much. Best multiplayer game I've played it a while (bar Halo 2), even if it is simple run-and-gun gameplay. Don't give up on thanks to the slightly dodgy controls yet.
Fri 03/12/04 at 15:39
Posts: 18,185
You all make me want a DS.

But Dringo can't even afford Metroid Prime 2.

Oh well, back to Paper Mazza.
Fri 03/12/04 at 10:26
Posts: 9,848
Well for bluetooth sessions, I can't see why you wouldn't want to be in the same room. It's not the same when you can't taunt them! ;-)

The Wifi for connecting to your PC and the Internet is a fair bit longer range so if you could get a wireless connection to a broadband router then you'd be able to access it from anywhere in the house. :-)
Fri 03/12/04 at 10:09
Posts: 10,437
I tried playing it last night from a fair way away and the lag was truly horrible. It seems unless you're in the same room it's just rubbish.
Fri 03/12/04 at 10:05
"hit the road jack"
Posts: 2,538
Metroid multiplayer is brilliant. Really, really, really, really wonderful..

And I won.

*slaps tphi before he even mentions Mario*
Thu 02/12/04 at 22:46
Posts: 7,741
It is alot of fun ^_^ The multiplayer arenas are well designed (one of the best is one which has multiple boost pads allowing you to jump from the bottom to the top level if you hit them all correctly), they look amazing and whupping your opponent's ass with some serious missile action is addictive.

Fun-ability wise though, nothing can beat Mario multiplayer which can get truly frantic, especially on the Princess Peach's slide level at the bottom where you're fighting for that crucial star right down to the last second in that tiny space at the end.
Thu 02/12/04 at 15:29
Posts: 18,185
Strafio wrote:
> Perhaps the full version will be single cart.

I think it is supposed to be. There was no need for that feature in first hunt as the demo was free with all systems.
Thu 02/12/04 at 14:51
Posts: 9,848
Perhaps the full version will be single cart.
Wed 01/12/04 at 17:27
Posts: 7,741
I'm testing it out tonight when Mr. JC941 pops round with his DS and we go head-to-head. RAR. :)
Wed 01/12/04 at 16:38
Posts: 4,910
Sounds quality, I need one of my mates to get a DS now..
Wed 01/12/04 at 15:53
Posts: 10,437
Demo version. My brother got imported a DS, so I get to play against him. The wireless multiplayer seems faultless, and can reach really quite far.

So far, all good.

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