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"The Day The Fences Came Alive... More"

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Tue 21/12/04 at 00:42
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The Day The Fences Came Alive…More

On the 12’th of March 1993 Dolores I created a formation that was unbeatable, it was named…The Fence. The unexpected events following this genius creation almost ended the world…

Dolores sat in his pimp purple bouncy car dialling his car phone (Purchased from the car phone warehouse facility located north by northwest of the Arabian testing facilities) unleashing the radiation into his brain, his daily hit of adrenaline to drown out the stressful work of a multibillionaire. The first shipment of his invention was being transported to all important government buildings and army depot’s in the world as they were cost effective and useful. Yes that’s right they were fences that moved when commanded to.

“Hello Scrivo?”

“Ye, whad’yo want ya yoo si?”

“How is the first shipment going?”

“Old on a min, gotter notha call like”



*Muffled Voice*

“Wheel why yoo callin me now like?”

*More muffling*

“Uh go way yoo tramp”


“Sorry bout that like, its me bird always callin me at wrong time like…the tramp”

“No worries”

“yee it goin ok like everythins in order like”

“good, good talk to me more so the radiation can leak into my brain properly”

“No yoo uckin tramp like”

*Flat tone coming from the phone*

Dolores turned on some pimpin music and pressed the big green button on his car, suddenly an afro grew through the roof and Dolores bounced down the road to his luxury villa in Rumford where he retired to his bedroom and slept on his pimpin long beach green PGR2 expansion coloured bed. Hours later a call came through the pimpin Futureheads phone so Dolores got up and answered.


“Hello Dolores its Pumpkinist you know your accountant who says DreamWarBird like DreamWarBoard and sounds very posh, sort of like a child molester.”

“Yes, what’s this about?”

“Well your looking at a lot of suing as there’s a bug in the fences system, they’ve gone renegade!”

“OHNOES!!!!111111111 what are they doing?”

“Well they have blocked everyone in every major government building and army depot In the world”

“Oh we didn’t cover that In the warranty so we’re safe”

“Oh yeyu I’ll go look at pictures of Trav now, bye!”

Joe hung up the phone and the screen went black. Then it switched to another man…

“Status underling?”

“Still blocked in major Matthew”

“Check again please”

“Still blocked in major Matthew”

“Damn there’s nothing we can do these guys are immune to guns and we can hardly see them, they blend in with their surroundings too well”

“Surely that means we can only do one thing right?”

“Yes get Poison J in here”

*Poison J arrives*

“Poison we need you to go on a one man mission sneaking past all the fences meeting up with my niece who is really my daughter then get her shot by a sniper and infiltrate a base where you really find out the man who is helping you was someone who you tried to kill 5 years ago then killing your brother.”

“But I cant do that I have a funny voice”

“Good point Poison but your still going to try”


Poison ran out of the main door and snuck past the first fence, little did he know that what he thought was a double sided average fence was actually a square fence locking him into a pen. Poison screamed then jumped into Pablo Aimar sending him flying him flying into the fences framework bouncing back and landing on Poison snapping his neck like a twig. Its ok though because Aimar was fine.

“DAMNIT” said matt

“We need him” Suddenly Yoshi1989 ran into the fence and said nothing immediately melting all fences on the earth. The world rejoiced and Dolores had sexual intercourse with many lovely girls.

The Bullet made a guest appearence and died, alot.
Wed 22/12/04 at 19:48
Posts: 2,150
Ahar your mother isn't taking Live away from you because of GCSE its because you have a funny voice!
Wed 22/12/04 at 18:39
"WTF is tagline?"
Posts: 11
nice story, even though it is clear you have some issues. you also have a worrying fetsish about fences.

“But I cant do that I have a funny voice”
[s]- this cannot be proven!.....[s]

.....this is why i am going to sue the balls of you! he he he
Tue 21/12/04 at 21:10
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
Oh good for you!
Tue 21/12/04 at 19:28
Posts: 2,150
Wow I feel honoured.
Tue 21/12/04 at 16:42
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
I thought it was quite good
Tue 21/12/04 at 16:25
Posts: 14,437
That was crap because I died, alot.
Tue 21/12/04 at 15:45
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
I love you, Joseph
Tue 21/12/04 at 11:50
Posts: 2,150
It shall all become clear soon....
Tue 21/12/04 at 11:01
"Me+Live= Sore Fists"
Posts: 804
I didn't understand any of that, well done
Tue 21/12/04 at 10:41
Posts: 2,150
*Smacks head on table*

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