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"I'm leaving"

The "Freeola Customer Forum" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Tue 14/12/04 at 18:43
"Stridman in disguis"
Posts: 1,874
...hopefully. I'll try, it's weird how i've become kinda addicted to these forums.

I joined a year ago and never expected to use the forums as much as I do now. I'll probably still post tonight but from tommorow onwards I will be gone.

Thank you to :

Bullett - For being a decent person to chat with and play on Live with.
Lalakersrule - For being very kind when I first joined the forums.
FinalFantasyFanatic - Helping me out with Harvest Moon. (:D)

There are more, and you probably know who you are so thank you.

Now, to the people who hate me :

Azul - I dont like you and it's because you alway insult me but you aren't the worst person on these forums because you seem to insult everyone so I dont take your insults personally.

Aoe - I used to be good(ish) friends with you before I got my Xbox but since then you've just been like Azul and constantly insulted me and called me 'dumb', 'Stridiot' and loads of other words meaning thick basically.

Ashman - You created the word 'Stridiot', enough said.

Please take this thread seriously and try not to take the p*ss like you usually do, I dont think I should be on these forums anyway, theres too many of you who are much older than me and you cant accept that people younger than you dont know as much and aren't as intelligent.
Wed 15/12/04 at 15:51
Posts: 2,150
Alan Skelton wrote:
> Don't do a Wakka.

YOU were Wakka.
Wed 15/12/04 at 13:56
Posts: 6,015
sweet tooth wrote:
> he told me his sister is a man in drag ! seems you must like that sort
> of thing eh !

The forwardage is strong in this one.
Wed 15/12/04 at 13:55
"long time"
Posts: 3,121
he told me his sister is a man in drag ! seems you must like that sort of thing eh !
Wed 15/12/04 at 13:54
Posts: 6,015
Who am I to judge her profession?
Wed 15/12/04 at 13:53
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
But his sister is sleeping with.... me...
Wed 15/12/04 at 13:52
Posts: 6,015
Come on, I am marrying your sister, you could give me this little thing as a wedding gift.
Wed 15/12/04 at 13:49
Posts: 14,437
Wed 15/12/04 at 13:48
Posts: 6,015
Who noes?
Wed 15/12/04 at 13:47
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
He certainly can't. How'd you do dat?
Wed 15/12/04 at 13:43
Posts: 14,437
Ah, thought you were referring to my name screw-up.

Strid will return, I know it. He can't keep away from me.

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