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"Which is better? Halo2, Fable, Ghost recon2"

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Sat 25/12/04 at 15:10
"Halo 2 is the best!"
Posts: 6
Which is better? Halo2, Fable, Ghost recon2?

I think Halo 2 is but i havent played Ghost recon 2 yet

what do u think is better?
Fri 31/12/04 at 01:01
Posts: 3,348
Is everyone mental?

Fable was short lived and rather pathetic. Way too hyped. Pants really.

Halo 2 - Grandaddy on Live! No question about it. The master.

Not played the other.
Thu 30/12/04 at 19:08
"pies are joyous"
Posts: 4
Fable is amazing but far too short if u want to stick to the storyline i was dissapointed. but a great game while it lasts. Halo 2 not quite as good but still great, not played g recon
Tue 28/12/04 at 22:48
Posts: 317
Tue 28/12/04 at 17:51
"Ow Yer"
Posts: 505
FABLE rules!!!!! i got it this mornin and i love it. its kool how the Character changing things are so much like gta i mean you can change your hair get tatoos be a goody goody or be pure evil!

i know youll say im just saying its good cus ive just got it but i really do think it kicks
Tue 28/12/04 at 13:45
Posts: 13,611
Fable's not "just crap", but it certainly ain't very good either. Nor is Halo 2 and, from what I've heard, Ghost Recon 2 is rather underwhelming too.

If you've got Live then Halo 2 is probably worth your money, but otherwise I'd suggest something completely different.
Mon 27/12/04 at 18:40
Posts: 2,938
gerbil man wrote:
> Cycloon wrote:
> Fable is just crap.
> Incorrect.
Mon 27/12/04 at 18:30
Posts: 877
out of those 3...fable just gets it for me
Mon 27/12/04 at 00:04
Posts: 33,481
From a quick play of the single player GR2 seems to play like a realistic take on the C:DS games except if you get hit about 3 times: you die.
Sun 26/12/04 at 23:58
Posts: 2,464
Cycloon wrote:
> Fable is just crap.

Sun 26/12/04 at 21:06
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
gr13ve wrote:
> illphukiir wrote:
> Fable isn't short then?
> Fable is massive if you do every single thing and after you complete
> it, the game continues, similarly to gta, allowing you to find every
> thing.

Fable is short, limited, hugely restrictive, and after the tiny quests have been completed, completely repetitive.

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