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"PS3 madness escalates"

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Fri 24/11/06 at 13:14
"black + blue"
Posts: 15
With 5 months 'til the European launch, where will it all end?

Forget terrorism, obesity, global warming and the Russians. The end of the world is nigh and it's all down to Sony and the increasingly bizarre PS3 frenzy. The US and Japanese launches have given rise to all kinds of silliness, and with Christmas still to come and months 'til the European launch, we can only head for the bunkers with all the canned food we can manage and await the chaos.

There were violent scenes in the United States as fights broke out amongst the crowds of gamers and speculators who had been queuing up to a week to get hold of a PS3. One man was shot by a gang attempting to relieve the queuing hoards of their savings outside a branch of Wal-Mart, and another PS3 queue was subjected to an amusing drive-by BB gun attack.

The Japanese launch was followed last week by a plague of imported PS3s, that infected Ebay on a biblical scale. One British bidder paid almost £8000 for a console, and Ebay apparently stopped an auction for a 60Gb model when bidding reached $89 million.

In the midst of the absurdity, two Canadian teenagers found an excellent way of drawing attention to themselves. Their social experiment involved waiting for 2 days to buy a PS3, only to destroy it with a sledgehammer in order to monitor the reactions of those around them. Apparently the PS3 “held up pretty well. It took about 15 hits to break it”. Given that Sony have not opted to make inch-thick lead casing a new feature of the Playstation, this probably tells us more about the upper body strength of these two idle young lollygaggers than it does about the robust construction of the console. But we have to congratulate Sony for having the foresight to design the PS3 to withstand fisty scuffles between frustrated gamers in the high street. It will be a long 5 months...
Tue 08/04/08 at 22:44
Posts: 15,681
Hedfix wrote:
> Poo and Wii?

Note: Click at your own risk...just bear in mind Wii sounds like 'wee' and Poo is self explanatory....

(from Weebls-stuff
Tue 08/04/08 at 18:25
Posts: 1
i love callof dutyyyyyyyyyyy 4444444444444444444444444
Mon 27/11/06 at 20:19
Posts: 320
I didn't know one day of BB guns (harmless little pellets) could cause more damage than terrorists and global warming. I'll be damned... It's not madness. And that piece of writing felt a bit stretched.
Mon 27/11/06 at 19:53
Posts: 33,481
Poo and Wii?
Mon 27/11/06 at 19:37
Posts: 9,995
Crime and gaming go together like shoe and poo :)
Mon 27/11/06 at 19:16
Posts: 33,481
The 'proper thieves' choice: [URL][/URL]
Sun 26/11/06 at 22:54
Posts: 19,415
Lukeman wrote:
> First of all, can I say Its good to see UKchat back, I checked up
> by a complete fluke and here it was. XD

Welcome back Lukeman =D
Sun 26/11/06 at 18:51
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
If KITT and the PS3 ever join forces we're all doomed
Sun 26/11/06 at 18:47
Posts: 9,995
Let me fix that :)

Sun 26/11/06 at 18:43
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248

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