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"Paper Mario - Im Really Stupid"

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Wed 29/12/04 at 20:03
Posts: 32
on paper mario, where do you find the thing that 'starts in 'c' and ends in 'riket' to defeat the big dragon boss too, cos im stuck, please help me
Thu 20/01/05 at 22:05
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
I didn't realise that. I had it.

But I still kicked his ass.
Thu 20/01/05 at 21:38
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Er ... no.
You're talking complete ass.
Thu 20/01/05 at 21:33
Posts: 468
go to the nearest tree and ride yoshi to the top, there is a switch that leads you to a star that flys you where you need to go, the switch is in random trees so you have to look around
Thu 20/01/05 at 21:07
Posts: 32
I'm stuck again! when you get those 101 'things' in the forest wat on earth do you do wit them? i've conquered the hive of other 'things' and now i dunno wat to do?! HELP ME PLEASE
Wed 05/01/05 at 22:47
"yo mah m8"
Posts: 25
Thank you very much people
Wed 05/01/05 at 22:33
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
Yes, you have to use Madam Flurrie's field skill in order to find the chest. As munn said, it's in the middle of Hooktail's room.
Wed 05/01/05 at 22:11
Posts: 11,038
It's in hooktails room.
In teh very middle of it.
Wed 05/01/05 at 21:58
Posts: 11,038
Give it to the shines guy and he'll put yoru characters up to "elite" level.
Wed 05/01/05 at 21:53
"yo mah m8"
Posts: 25
And i was also exploreing hooktails castle and i found an up arrow what on earth does it mean it says"maby you should thow this to somebody" i just dont understand what it means i used my nintendo brain and everything but i just dont get it can someone help
Wed 05/01/05 at 21:52
"yo mah m8"
Posts: 25
ive compleated the game but im now ding all the troubles im doing the one for miss mowz she says that there is an exclusive badge somewere in hooktails castle WERE ON EARTH IS IT!!!

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