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"Resident Evil 4 jisms"

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Tue 18/01/05 at 18:15
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OMG etc


Slightly bad:
Leon takes up a lot of the screen

This game is teh roxor. I've been walking through an off track pathway shooting out angry french people's kneecaps so they go down quicker. No more sissy auto aim. Then as they collapse to their knees I run up and round house kick them across the face.

Then I arrived at the village, got mobbed by villagers with pitchforks and scythes. My clip ran out and there was no time to reload (you can't do that inventory reload 'cheat' now either) so I ran across the village and headed into a house and barricaded the door. Cue loony paper bag man appearing and waving a chainsaw around, other villagers bring ladders and set them up to the upstairs window.

I ponce around looking for items and chainsaw man cuts through my wooden barricade, narrowly avoiding him I run up stairs and grab a shotgun off the wall. Seeing villagers climbing the ladder and starting to get in the room I realised I'm trapped, so I run into a corner between the bed where they can't get behind me and pull out the shotgun.

Unfortunatly I was a bit too slow and chainsaw man promptly decapitates me, blood gushes everywhere and 'You Are Dead' appears on the screen.

You want this game.

Also of note, walking into a shack to find a woman pinned a few feet off the ground by means of a pitchfork through the face, "No sex discrimination here" says Leon..
Wed 11/05/05 at 21:02
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Took one shot in the eye with a single rocket launcher, but i did shoot him a bit with my my Killer7
Tue 10/05/05 at 16:56
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ah the pimped handcannon, havent got to final boss yet but im guessing two shots.
Tue 10/05/05 at 16:44
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Tphi wrote:
> Hoju wrote:
> Can someone 'lend' me it?
> No, I know what you chavs-wannabies are like :P
> [URL][/URL]
> cheapskate.

I don't pay for games. i'll just steal it off one of my peers. Yes thats right I'm a thief.
Tue 10/05/05 at 14:18
"gsybe you!"
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I wouldn't even try. The CT and Infinite Launcher make it easy enough.

best just to start on Pro with no guns or anything. Superb fun.
Tue 10/05/05 at 14:12
"the burning sky"
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Domaye wrote:
> anyone else got the pimped handcannon its the bezzneex i tell yeh.

Not managed/been bothered to finish the Mercs yet, so no handcannon for me...
Mon 09/05/05 at 22:41
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anyone else got the pimped handcannon its the bezzneex i tell yeh.
Mon 09/05/05 at 22:23
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Hoju wrote:
> Can someone 'lend' me it?

No, I know what you chavs-wannabies are like :P

[URL][/URL] cheapskate.
Mon 09/05/05 at 21:44
"The definitive tag"
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*holds copy tightly*
Mon 09/05/05 at 21:36
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Can someone 'lend' me it?
Mon 09/05/05 at 21:32
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
Hoju wrote:
> You've been talking about this so long. is it really that good?

What a silly thing to ask.

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