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"Benchmark Scores"

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Tue 14/09/04 at 15:13
Posts: 1,384
We haven't had one of these threads for a while, and seeing as I'm all happy now that I've got my graphics card working (cough*installed chipset drivers*cough), I fancy posting my benchmarks. Just post any benchmarks scores you've got for your PC.

Mine are:
PC Pitstop: 2,101
3DMark03: 6,559
AquaMark3: GFX: 6,261 | CPU: 9,748 | Overall: 47,397
Wed 29/09/04 at 17:00
"Plain Misunderstood"
Posts: 428
Athlon XP2800+ @Stock
512MB Geil Golden Value RAM @ CAS2 7-3-3
Abit NF7 Motherboard
Radeon 9800Pro [email protected] Stock

3DMark2001 SE 15181 Marks.
Wed 29/09/04 at 08:44
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Athlon 64 3500
Asus A8v deluxe motherboard
1Gb Corsair pro
Gainward 6800gt golden sample running extreme mode

All running at stock (card extreme mode *slightly overclocked, but still in warranty)

3d mark 03 - 12495

Doom3 so fast I got motion sickness last night? Oh yes.
Farcry indoor sections playable? Oh yes.
Fri 24/09/04 at 09:51
"PC Gaming Founder"
Posts: 2,136
Just run 3dmark03 on my Shuttle for the first time, stock settings and no tweaks - about 11700. Not bad.
Mon 20/09/04 at 14:23
Posts: 10,489
I take it you mean High as opposed to Ultra? High does run smoother with a lot on screen but to be honest even with the abcense of a 512mb card it still runs sweet on Ultra.
Mon 20/09/04 at 14:11
"The mighty GE90-115"
Posts: 5,344
LŠR wrote:
> Indeed, I owe a lot to NB, he is like a father to me...
> *Wipes eyes*

Heh heh, its good to see fatherly love in the Web design forum!! :P
Mon 20/09/04 at 14:07
"The mighty GE90-115"
Posts: 5,344
LŠR wrote:
> Managed to get Doom 3 working on Ultra settings at 1280 x 1024 with everything turned on
> and still running as smooth as a castrated dogs bowling sack. Going
> to mess around with clock speeds tonight to see if I can break
> 14,000.

I would run DOOM on The setting under Ultra as opposed to Ultra, because that uses uncompressed textures and was designed with 512MB graphics in mind to handle the massive uncompressed megabytes of Textures. Then you can crank up the resolution to 1600 x 1200 unless of course you've got a TFT...


EDIT: Waiting for Biggles to come in and sing CRT praises...
Mon 20/09/04 at 13:29
Posts: 10,489
Notorious Biggles wrote:
> What you have on it.

I have the dual vantec 4000RPM fan card underneath, an exhaust extracter just above and a 120mm 4000RPM fan facing side on to it. Cools it by around 12-15 degrees load.

It is definitley something I want to improve on, just wanting more information on what is actually useful as a cooling system rather than a gimmick.
Mon 20/09/04 at 13:25
Posts: 10,489
500 is a bit too much on a cooling system. It is something I would consider but would have to look into it and read behind it before getting something like that.
Mon 20/09/04 at 13:24
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
What you have on it.
Mon 20/09/04 at 13:23
Posts: 10,489
Stock cooling or my cooling?

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