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"I, Robot"

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Sat 07/08/04 at 12:05
Posts: 16,548
I've never read the Asimov books, so I'm not one of those getting upset because the robots aren't right. But these are the same people who cry if Spock uses the wrong type of phaser in Star Trek, so I'm not really that fussed.

But still, my expectations weren't exactly that high. I like Will Smith as a blockbuster actor. He does the job, and can make me laugh. But it'd been getting some bad press in some places, mainly because of the corporate sponsorship. And they were right. Sort of.

It doesn't normally bother me, y'see. I realise that these films need the money to keep on shovelling CGI in our faces and therefore just say "..Hm" if Spidey jumps all over a Carlsberg lorry or everyone drives a Lexus in Minority Report, or Halle Berry does the Bond Girl thing with the aid of her trusty Sony Ericsson. And it was mostly that sort of stuff in I, Robot. -Mostly-. Him being proud of his remote JVC CD-player, or driving his Audi into most shots, or FedEx robots being unusually popular. Not a big problem. But what did bother me was his adoring love of "vintage 2004" Converse shoes. He loves them. His grandmother and boss comment on them, and he props them on the table and says 'Converse All-Star vintage 2004. Thing of beauty'. Basically it was Will Smith advertising Converse. It irked me muchly.

But, after the film had finished, I thought back and realised that apart from the ConverseWhoring, it was a pretty enjoyable film. A bit like Minority Report in terms of visualisation and style, but not as good. Still fun. Will Smith carries the part, the robots are done well and it ambles along at a good enough pace. It's not going to win Oscars or anything, it's just a summer blockbuster doing what it says on the packet.

So I'd recommend you watch it if you can ignore sponsorship.
But there's no Jazzy Jeff.
Sun 08/08/04 at 01:46
""It's me u want""
Posts: 724
Whilst on the subject of I, Robot....Does anyone know if we could be expecting a game to follow in sequel?
Perhaps a ps3/xbox 3 game or pc game?
Sat 07/08/04 at 22:54
"Vodka Queen"
Posts: 4,927
Hopefully i'm seeing it this up and coming week.. So hopefully it will be good
Sat 07/08/04 at 22:37
Posts: 654
Tomoose wrote:

> Specially in the first Spider-Man when he's shooting his web at a can
> of Dr Pepper...

yeah true :P
Sat 07/08/04 at 20:09
Posts: 11,038
AliBoy wrote:
> They should have advertised beer by having drunk robots falling around
> like street bums.
> I thought it was alright, watchable but there was nothing that makes
> you go "WOW"

The only bit that really made me go "WOW" was the robots attacking the police station, and the police chief taking matters into his own hands.
Lovely CGI there.
Sat 07/08/04 at 19:42
Posts: 6,592
Mark Lawrenson would call this film 'I, Rerrbut'.
Sat 07/08/04 at 18:58
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
Grn rit wrote:
> so what? Lots of movies do it and it just makes the movie world more
> real when people drink coke instead of say croc pop or something. :P

Specially in the first Spider-Man when he's shooting his web at a can of Dr Pepper...
Sat 07/08/04 at 18:53
Posts: 203
I've seen it when it first come out, totally amazing(you must see it to believe it) The details of robots is outstanding. Smith.. more serious characters in the film has some catchy and funny phrases like "I'm a allergic to b'llsh't" The best about the film is that they copy some of matrix style of fight. Has to be the best fim I've seen so far... better than troy or spiderman.
Sat 07/08/04 at 18:01
Posts: 654
I saw I, robot today. Thought it was alright, took a while to get going but once it did the action was great. Like when they were shooting all the robots and stuff, also that fight between the new and old models, lol. That camp robot was sooo annoying.

true, he did go on about his wonderful trainers abit much now that I think about it. And their was a blatant overdoes of sponsership, but so what? Lots of movies do it and it just makes the movie world more real when people drink coke instead of say croc pop or something. :P
Sat 07/08/04 at 17:34
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
And the campy English one.
Sat 07/08/04 at 17:29
Posts: 16,548
monkey_man wrote:
> I heard they stuck loads of electrodes on Jazzy Jeff and he was the
> robots.


Except for that really big robot. That was Uncle Phil.

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