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"Summery Caption Contest"

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Sat 31/07/04 at 13:12
Posts: 6,592

Best one wins my respect.
Tue 03/08/04 at 02:33
"Bad Wolf; England"
Posts: 920
Auditions begin for next star of the Lilt ads, preferably 'Child-Friendly'.
Mon 02/08/04 at 12:00
"Darth Vader 3442321"
Posts: 4,031
"No divebombing, no heavy petting, no Polar Bears, no diving in the shallow end, no verukas unless acompanied by an adult who should know better"
Mon 02/08/04 at 11:02
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
I'm amazed how many of you captioned a coarse bear. I imagine him a more refined charcater.
Mon 02/08/04 at 10:42
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
* sobs *

but I tried my best :(
Mon 02/08/04 at 08:22
Posts: 14,437
All the rest were crap. That one just there *points below* is gold.
Sun 01/08/04 at 23:46
Posts: 3,522
"I ordered Seal Pup & chips, you incompetent [email protected]!"
Sun 01/08/04 at 22:36
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
Mr Snuggly wrote:
> Vinnie Jones sacked from Bacardi adverts, replaced by less threatening
> actor

But that actually happened in real life and didn't involve said bear.
Sun 01/08/04 at 22:20
Posts: 6,801

he good work, azul
Sun 01/08/04 at 22:18
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Sun 01/08/04 at 22:08
Posts: 6,592
Vinnie Jones sacked from Bacardi adverts, replaced by less threatening actor

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