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"Spider-Man 2"

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Thu 15/07/04 at 00:12
Posts: 18,775
*Holds her ticket...ok not a ticket but the credit card she used on to buy a ticket*

Thu 05/08/04 at 18:26
Posts: 16,548
I disagree. I think the time is perfect for Hornblower Vs The Franco in the battle of goblins. Possibly with some Evil Dead style zombies and Bruce Campbell with a chainsaw, usher-style.
Thu 05/08/04 at 18:25
"Stridman in disguis"
Posts: 1,874
I really hope that they don't turn Harry into the Green Goblin 2 (like in the comics) just yet. In my opinion it's a little too early to be (effectively) repeating villains. For the next film give me either The Lizard or alter John Jameson's story to have him become Venom instead of Man-Wolf, after all he's got a reason to hate Pete as he stole MJ from him. Think about how cool Venom would be in a Spider-man film, you'd have Spidey vs. Super Spidey!
Thu 05/08/04 at 18:16
Posts: 16,548
I think the Hornblower should play a 18th-century Green Goblin, who sails into New York on a naval frigate, shouts "AVAST!" in a naval manner and proceeds to fire his mighty cannon at the other Green Goblins.
Thu 05/08/04 at 15:40
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
No, no, no, the internet nerds ASSURE me there were two green goblins (Osborne as the first, then his son Harry as the second) and the Hob Goblin was someone else. In fact they had comics where the Green Goblin 2 fought with the Hob Goblin.
Thu 05/08/04 at 15:12
"Stridman in disguis"
Posts: 1,874
My uncle burned a copy of this for me, i've seen it already but I got really distracted by my mates.
Tue 03/08/04 at 02:23
"Bad Wolf; England"
Posts: 920
green ferocity wrote:
> Did anyone find that the print of this movie was dodgy. About half way
> through, the screen went blotchy and shimmery for a few moments.

Strangely, something else happened. During the "Clock-Tower-Fight" scenes, the volume went down. And the same happened towards the end. Is THAT supposed to be 'Surround-Sound,' UGC???? It seemed more like 'Turned-Down-Sound!'

Regardless, the film was great.
Mon 02/08/04 at 20:51
"For One Night Only"
Posts: 3,773
Let's save some confusion...

Harry Osbourne finds his father's Green Goblin suit and becomes the Hobgoblin - anyone who hasn't seen it yet shouldn't have read this as I've spoilt the end for you.
Mon 02/08/04 at 20:44
Posts: 13,611
Are you sure?

I'm no expert, but there's some debate over on IMDB. Apparently he was Green Goblin 2 in the comics.
Mon 02/08/04 at 19:45
Posts: 18,775
Green Goblin 2?


Hob Goblin.
Mon 02/08/04 at 19:15
Posts: 13,611
Anyhow, I think it was Green Goblin 2 in the comics and Hobgoblin in the cartoons.

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