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"Questions about Kill Bill"

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Wed 14/07/04 at 00:31
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I just got the Region 2 version of Kill Bill Volume 1 and I have some questions:

1- I saw in the trailer a Japanese old guy training the bride, but I didn't see that in the movie itself, why is that ? Was it removed ? Or was it only in the cinema version/Region 1 Version/Japanese version ? Or did they just decide to put in in Kill Bill Volume 2 (I haven't seen it yet ) ?
2- In a site that sells the Jap version of Kill Bill they said that it is the only version that includes the deleted scenes in the House of Blues, with decapitation and stuff like that, but I think that the european version included all these kinds of stuff, so is there really something else in the Jap version ?
3- When the picture turns black and white, is that a touch of art ? Or did they do that on purpose ? They also said that in the Jap version it will be in colour, so what's the story ?

I really hope someone answers these questions because they have been really bothering me, and in case you need it, here is a link that includes all the Jap version addies: [URL][/URL]
Sat 17/07/04 at 02:09
"Led Zeppelin"
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kill bill is perfect in everyway.
Sat 17/07/04 at 02:08
"Led Zeppelin"
Posts: 3,214
Peoples views change alot nowadays. If kill bill was made 30 years ago it would be banned in cinema, just like what happen to "chainsaw massacre". It took 30 years to be shown in national tv.
Fri 16/07/04 at 23:02
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Nah, it was because of censors.
Fri 16/07/04 at 22:18
"This one goes to 11"
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I'm not sure whether the black and white bit was totally down to censoring or Quentin Tarentino being his strange over-artistic self.....
Fri 16/07/04 at 18:55
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"Five star scoring"? Buh?

I'm pleased to hear that the fight will now be in colour. I was really rather disappointed when the screen suddenly flicked into black and white.
Fri 16/07/04 at 15:40
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The five star scoring Kill Bill edition that features both films combined are supposed to be superb and the black and white bit is removed.
Fri 16/07/04 at 10:33
"Anyone Got A Pizza"
Posts: 27
my dad worked on production,
no extra scenes only black and white ones as opposed to colour
Fri 16/07/04 at 00:18
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They put the Crazy 88 fight scene in black and white to get past the European and American censors.
Thu 15/07/04 at 21:40
"Led Zeppelin"
Posts: 3,214
Wed 14/07/04 at 21:59
"keep your receipt"
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The American and English cuts are the same, and the House of Blue Leaves Massacre was deemed to graphic in colour for American censors, so it became black and white in Western versions.

Anyone seen the cool black samurai guy in the trailers!? I wonder how he was going to fit in...

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