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"Tournament of Death 3"

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Wed 30/06/04 at 12:30
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CZW have begun to announce the line-up for this year's tournament of death, a tournament with every match in every round is a death match each with slightly different stipulations. So far announced are CZW newcomers The Arsenal, Green Phanton, Evil Ninja #2 and Sexxxy Eddy, who are all fairly good workers, but competing in deathmatches for the first tim in their careers, along with CZW favourites, the partially retired Wifebeater and 'The Future of Hardcore' Nick Gage. There are 6 more workerto be announced, then the brackets for the tourney will be put together, expect the usual suspects such as The Messiah, Zandig, Necro Butcher...etc to throw their names in the hat

CZW usually put on a good deathmatch for those of you who like your wrestling violent with no obvious psychology and the previous two tournaments are available on DVD from importers. TOD2 is particularly worth seeing for Zandig and Tournament winner Nick Mondos death defying 25 feet fall off a truck through three tables covered with light-tubes.

There, that's my indie wrestling plug for today.
Mon 26/07/04 at 17:16
"Vodka Queen"
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Oooooo cool...*Shrugs* could have been worse
Mon 26/07/04 at 16:50
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If anyone is sick like me and would actually like to see pictures of the event. Whacks!, one of CZW's photographers, already has pics up on his site


But be warned, these will turn your stomach.

Evil Empire's are also up on a temporary site


Again, if you have a weak stomach, probably best not to look...
Mon 26/07/04 at 14:52
"One More Chance"
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Sounds pretty good, if not a little disturbing with that whole blood squirting/drinking thing. A little to extreme for me.

Anyway cheers for the round up.
Mon 26/07/04 at 12:43
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Results from the Tournament of Death.

First round
The Arsenal beat Evil Ninja #2 in a 2 out of 3 Log Cabins match, when he reversed a Ninja suplex through the final log cabin with the score tied at 1-1
'Hardcore' Nick Gage beat Ruckus (with the Blackout at Ringside)in a barbed wire boards match, by pinfall after powerbombing Ruckus on a barbed wire board.
Wifebeater pinned Mad Man Pondo after a Chokenstein onto a plasma screen TV in a fans bring the weapons match.
'The Triple X XXXpress' Sexxxy Eddy beat 'Double Shot' Ian Knoxx in a thumbtack/carpet strip match after a scoop slam onto a nail-board suspended between two chairs.
The Necro Butcher beat The Green Phantom in another fans bring the weapons match after Phantom submitted to Necro's Asiatic Spike. Green Phantom broken his nose early in the match and his mask was completely soaked in blood by the end. The highlight was an 'ultraviolent cactus' (a bundle of lightubes painted green with thumbtacks stuck to them) which Necro placed on the groin of the Phantom before kicking it. OUCH!
Finally JC Bailey beat Chri$ Ca$h in a ladders and lightubes match after a senton from the top rope to Ca$h who was trapped inbetween a ladder, lined with light-tubes.

Second Round
Sexxxy Eddy pinned The Arsenal in a light-tube ropes match (light-tubes tied to the ropes and in the corners) after a springboard moonsault. CZW owner John Zandig announced after this match that Eddy would be unable to participate in the final, due to having cut two arteries in his arm during this match. Eddy illustrated this point by flexing his arm so that the blood shot out (reports say up to two feet). Eddy proceeded to gross out even the most hardcore CZW fans by drinking the blood that was squirting out of his arm!

In yet another fans bring the weapons match, The Wifebeater pinned JC Bailey after hitting a sit-out powerbomb from the roof of a pickup truck, into the back of the pickup which was filled with light-tubes. This match featured a seriously painful looking move when 'beater poured a bucket of salt over the back of Bailey into hi gaping wounds. Ouch!

In a Panes of Glass deathmatch (there were 4 panes, but one somehow got broke before the bell even rang)Necro Butcher pinned Nick Gage after the Blackout ran-in an avenged Ruckus' first round defeat, putting the tournament favourite out of the match.

A Falls Count Anywhere, Double Heck match. The Wifebeater defeated Necro Butcher by side-slamming Necro off the top of the ring truck through 5 tables, a plate of glass and a light-tube log cabin, which were all stacked on top of each other AND set on fire. Wifebeater therefore became the first ever Two-Time winner of the Tournament of Death, in a surprise result. Surprising because beater has been partly retired since late-2002 and has publically spoken about his not agreeing with the concept of the tournament of death.

I've been the Cong_Man. Adis Amigs.
Tue 20/07/04 at 14:20
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The first round brackets have been announced. Unfortunately CZW owner, promoter and probably one of their consistantly best workers John Zandig has had to withdraw due to health problems. Get well soon John!

The first round now looks like this:-

Chri$ Ca$h vs JC Bailey
The Arsenal vs Evil Ninja #2
Sexxxy Eddy vs Ian Knoxx
Green Phantom vs Necro Butcher
Ruckus vs Nick Gage
Mad Man Pondo vs Wifebeater

The first round stipulations have also been announced, but haven't been assigned to matches yet:-

Thumbtacks and Wooden nailboard;
2 x Fans bring the weapons match
'Unlucky 13' Staple Gun Match (To win you have to staple 13 dollar bills to your opponent)
2/3 Log Cabin Light-tube match (To win you must put your opponent through 2 'log cabins' made out of light-tubes
and a Light-tubes and ladders match.
Wed 07/07/04 at 15:12
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Chri$ Ca$h and 'Double Shot' Ian Knox have been added to the brackets. Their will be a total of 12 entrants (it's been 8 in previous years) and it has been announced that the final will be a triple threat.
Mon 05/07/04 at 13:07
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<< <> >> wrote:
> Well what a load of use the wrestling channel is then.

Well, like any channel, if they air stuff that's too violent, then their sponsors will run a mile and they'll fall through...
Sun 04/07/04 at 18:49
"Better Than You"
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Well what a load of use the wrestling channel is then.
Sun 04/07/04 at 18:42
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<< <> >> wrote:
> :O I am shocked.
> What about The Wrestling Channel? Aren't they airing it?

I doubt it, they only screen the highly sanitized version of CZW product and if they censored a TOD you'd reduce the whole tournament to about 2 seconds of footage...
Thu 01/07/04 at 21:36
"Better Than You"
Posts: 5,204
:O I am shocked.

What about The Wrestling Channel? Aren't they airing it?

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