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"Dyslexia - how to test?"

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Sat 26/06/04 at 01:17
"Dr. Chad Niga"
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I was talking with one of my friends and he said he went to see a doctor to test for dyslexia, and he was diagnosed with it.

He says that from the way they described it as being, is kind of like me. And he says he is pretty sure i have it.

I have trouble with spelling and writing and reading, etc. And i went on google and searched and found this. [URL][/URL]

I fit practically all of those, except for not being able to do ball sports, because i can do all sports there are to the max, except football, which i just cant do. Im like a retard at it. And ofcourse the bed wetting... dont do that.

Do you know any proper online tests i can take. Not just telling me the symptoms?
Mon 28/06/04 at 19:14
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Nice call Duck :-D
Mon 28/06/04 at 19:05
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I'm always concerned I may have dyslexia. I got close to getting a test done at uni, but they told me to go and photocopy a bunch of my notes for them to check.
Being a lazy student, I ummed and ahhed about whether to take random notes, or a sample of my most dyslexic-looking work, then didn't bother and slept for 3 years.
Sat 26/06/04 at 21:37
"That's right!"
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Wow, almost all of these apply to me. But I don't have any trouble with reading and writing in the slightest, just everything else... madness.
Sat 26/06/04 at 21:32
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I would see a doctor...or try a harder search on a range of search engines...
Sat 26/06/04 at 21:29
"Dr. Chad Niga"
Posts: 4,550
I truly did have to look on google to figure out how to spell it.
Sat 26/06/04 at 20:56
"period drama"
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Spell dyslexia.
That's always a good test.
Sat 26/06/04 at 20:50
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"can be class clown, troublemaker, or too quiet"

That just about sums up every type of person you can have in a classroom.
Sat 26/06/04 at 17:31
"lets go back"
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Azul wrote:
> Advice - you cannot possibly diagnose yourself with an online test.

True, I did a superhero test that was posted about here.
No way am I The Thing.
Sat 26/06/04 at 12:35
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I dont think any online test is going to be as effective as going to your doctor mate. Go see him and see what he says.
Sat 26/06/04 at 12:33
"now speaks Japanese"
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My daughter Chloe is dyslexic. It took a long time to get her diagnosed. She is also dispraxic. The school brought a Piediatition to the school to see her. She underwent tests over a number of months. These included memory tests and spelling words backwards. Also balancing tests. Standing on 1 leg and balancing on a board. She also had tests throwing and catching bean bags. She used to see this doctor every three months. After a few years she no longer needs to see her. She has made great progress with her reading and only needs help with the senco at the school now. She has other abilities to make up for the ones she doesnot have. She has a lovely kind nature and wants to be an actress and singer. It needn't be a major problem.

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