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"*New* Gameboy...set for 2005?"

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Mon 28/02/05 at 18:49
"Nasty Fat Hobbit!"
Posts: 1,193
According to CNN, [URL][/URL] analysts are saying that Nintendo will release the next Gameboy before the end of 2005.
If so, it firmly sticks to Nintendo and their statements that the Nintendo DS isn't the successor to the Gameboy, but rather it is a third pillar system, to sit alongside the current Gameboy Advance and its future successor GBA 2.

It would seem a bold move on their part to release the system almost a year after the DS and most importantly several months after the European and US PSP release. Would this be the final nail in the PSP coffin?
How would the all new Gameboy manage to sit alongside the Nintendo DS as a viable system? Nintendo after all knows more than us and I would be confident enough that having two Nintendo handhelds together on the market wouldn't be so bad.
I could see it causing confusion amongst parents, but to stop this, Nintendo really need to hit home with the DS marketing and maintain it's image which is geared solely towards the 18+ market.
It could prove interesting and if true, we are bound to see some evidence this E3, which is not to far away now.
Also, could the "Nintendo special announcement" in March be about this very thing?
Heres hoping.
Tue 01/03/05 at 17:01
"Nasty Fat Hobbit!"
Posts: 1,193
Now thats got me thinking!
That would be perfect for DS! Pity that it won't look as good as the Dreamcast version though, but I do remember watching a Saturn Version of Shenmue on the Shenmue 2 Dreamcast disc....
QTE's would be touch controlled, games such as Pool, Poker and the numerous games such as the Pachinko games as well.

Shenmue wouldn't be too bad. :)
Tue 01/03/05 at 16:48
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
You'd have trouble getting Shenmue to work on it.
Tue 01/03/05 at 16:43
"Nasty Fat Hobbit!"
Posts: 1,193
The thing is, what games would work better on DS than ANY other system out there?
Apart from the PC, Command and Conquer would work tremendously on the DS. Far better than it would if it was released on the new Gameboy or PSP for that matter.
I think Nintendo have realised this, to a certain extent and is accepting it by releasing Advance Wars DS.
Animal Crossing would be better suited for the DS too than it would for the new Gameboy. As would Metroid Prime and a new Fire Emblem. You see, the DS has so many things that the new Gameboy or PSP can never do.
The DS is unique, it was always aimed for a different market. From the very start Nintendo maintained that "Plans to release a Gameboy successor in the future will be made" Nintendo were *never* shy of the fact that the NDS is not a Gameboy successor.

I love the Nintendo DS for what it is, something unique, fresh, exciting and the potential possibilities are absolutly endless. The ideas and gameplay enhancements you could have are second to none.
PDA, New wave of Instant messaging chat, browsing of files etc are and should be second nature for the system.
The new Gameboy would be just the same old mould that we have all grown fond of over the years (I think) it will be the sole competitor for the PSP from the onset, more so than the NDS ever was.
I will look forward to E3, to see it though, I will look forward to getting the system as well. People should not be miffed at Nintendo for releasing a Gameboy follow up, it had to come and it is different to the NDS and aimed differently.
Fact is we all knew Nintendo were to release the new Gameboy and it shouldnt be too much of a surprise and even though it will be a year after the NDS, Nintendo I'm sure will have people convinced of having both DS and GB.
You'll see.
Tue 01/03/05 at 00:47
Posts: 9,848
The Gamegear looked a billions times better than the Gameboy brick but Tetris took the multi coloured 8bit games to the cleaners.
This whole third pillar thing was just a fall back incase the DS went belly-up, which it gives no sign of doing so far.

What would the GBA2 do that the DS wouldn't?
Analogue disc? Needed upgrade but worth buying another handheld for?
Gamecube graphics? Would be a little bit better, but if it wasn't without it's setbacks then Nintendo would've just made the DS like that as well.
Mon 28/02/05 at 23:02
"Devotion 2The Ocean"
Posts: 6,658
Not too sure what to make of it myself. Was sooner than I expected, this sort of news. Nintendo have always stated that DS was different than GBA2, but I didn't pay much attention as the DS turned out to be quite a revolution to hand-held gaming.

Perhaps Nintendo really do feel the threat from PSP because the games look SO much better on that than the almost N64 looking games on the DS.

I can see a LOT of people buying PSP just because it has a 'cooler' look, and the games look a lot better. Though the DS is a very interesting hand-held, and I will def. be getting one myself, I can see many people going the other way.

I say, roll on E3, and I'm sure all will be revelled!

Mon 28/02/05 at 22:15
"Nasty Fat Hobbit!"
Posts: 1,193
Stridman wrote:

> The DS is $99 and it's 99 over here...

It's not $99!!
Mon 28/02/05 at 22:07
": ("
Posts: 5,614
Gollum wrote:
> Well going by the CNN report its going to be $99 US which is roughly
> 52! :D

The DS is $99 and it's 99 over here...
Mon 28/02/05 at 22:06
"I play the Harmonic"
Posts: 1,412
Well im pretty sure a while back Ninty said that the DS would only be a third pillar...
Mon 28/02/05 at 21:58
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
It is unlikely that a company with as much integrity as Nintendo would be stupid enough to release two handhelds in such a short space of time.
Mon 28/02/05 at 21:56
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
people will go "nintendo are gaybys. they're just trying to rip us off by releasing two slightly different handhelds so that we have to buy both to get the games we want."

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