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"Alright then, who's got Snake Eater?"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater'.
Fri 04/03/05 at 09:28
Posts: 2,781
Mine should be with me within the hour, but I'm interested - who's got theirs?
Wed 30/03/05 at 14:52
Posts: 9,494
I've played it quite a bit now, got quite far. Gotta say I'm loving it. The storyline and setting are so much cooler than MGS2, and I love the comedy moments, especially the obsession Snake seems to have with Eva's breasts. Don't like having to listen to that woman moaning on about classic movies every time I save though. I'm currently about to fight the Fear, who seems an absolute tart as I tried fighting him last night and I couldn't even see him so i just gave up. Also gotta say, that bit where you have to dress up asa scientist is way harder than I thought it would be, I got rumbled straight away by the scientists. Good job it's on Very easy and I could just beat everyone up.
Mon 28/03/05 at 20:40
Posts: 9,494
I'll probably start it this evening..
Mon 28/03/05 at 12:03
"Foxes 4 Ever!!!"
Posts: 2,090
Completed this over the weekend on easy and i have to say the end was a little let down for me, don't ask why. Other than that and the camera angle, the game was brilliant, some of the boss fights were amazing.

Now i'm going to try and complete it on a harder setting. :)
Thu 24/03/05 at 18:23
Posts: 6,015
I meant hardest.
Sorry boss.
Not with it after yesterday's pounding:)
Thu 24/03/05 at 18:17
Posts: 11,038
clit-king wrote:
> If you think the Shagohod was the easiest boss you must have been
> playing Very Easy.

shamone fool wrote:
> there are some hard ones are the best like defeating the shagohod.

He said Shagohod was hard but the hard bosses are the best; he just said it with terrible grammar.
Thu 24/03/05 at 18:11
Posts: 6,015
If you think the Shagohod was the easiest (EDIT: hardest) boss you must have been playing Very Easy.
Or cheated past the End.
And somehow did the same past the Fury.
Wed 23/03/05 at 21:27
"wa hay"
Posts: 54
yeh i competed it preety easy but the ending to it was great there are some easy boses and there are some hard ones are the best like defeating the shagohod.
Sun 20/03/05 at 12:46
Posts: 6,015
Clear Time of 15:47:32 on Hard, first time through.

Did anyone else find The Boss and The Fury and real pain in the ass to beat?
And I can't seem to do anything with the circle button other than punches and kicks.

The last few hours ending of a game ever.
Gonna go through on Very Easy now :D
Sat 19/03/05 at 01:15
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
Might get it this weekend is it good then!
Fri 18/03/05 at 13:21
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
Reynolds wrote:
> Got this last night, and i have to say i am throughly enjoying it, but
> i find the camera a tad annoying, anyone else have this problem?

I am having this problem, especially when hiding in long grass or when i turn corners. Hopefully, I will get used to it.

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