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"Friends Final Day - 6 hours of Friends on C4 alone in 1 day?"

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Fri 14/05/04 at 18:40
Posts: 19,415
Two weeks from today Channel 4 will be showing the final episode of Friends. To go out with a bang, C4 are planning to show a record 12 episodes in one day. "sounds like a normal C4 day to me" some might say. Just incase that wasn't enough Friends for you, E4 have gone one further and are going to bless all you Friends fans with a Friends "classic" (repeat to you and me) episode on the hour, EVERY hour.

The day also marks the start of Big Brother 5, so that means lots more "quality" C4 programming for the rest of the summer.

Although I have been a fan of the series Friends since the beginning and despite having already seen the final episode, I will tune in to see it on C4, but I really do think it's a bit much. C4 is a terrastrial channel that you would expect to cater the viewing interests of everyone. It seems there answer to everything is Friends, when they axed Rise they replaced it with Friends, when they moved Fit Club because of it's low ratings, they replaced it with Friends. Are they so limited with their programming catalog that they only have 10 seasons of Friends to offer the British viewing public? I know I can always not bother watching C4 and E4 on the day, but seriously it does deserve a rant even if I do enjoy the series (although I really didnt enjoy the final season)

I'm curious to know how C4 will mark the end of Frasier, I don't think I've seen any ads advertising the final series of Frasier which is a shame as it's such a great series.

To replace the Friends friday time slot (dont get your hopes up they'll still show Friends "classics" on C4/T4/E4) The Simpsons will be shown at 9pm and the recently snapped up Friends spinoff "Joey" is expected to get the 9:30pm slot.

I think I'll watch some TV now, ah look at that a Friends episode on C4, I should have saw that coming.
Sat 15/05/04 at 18:59
Posts: 13,611
Gp wrote:
> Friends is probs the worst programme ever. As it has generated
> millions of moronic people who rely on it for a laugh and a tommy.
> Sad, pathetic. Good prog tho

I think I speak for everyone when I say "what the f**k..?"
Sat 15/05/04 at 17:49
"we escape....."
Posts: 904
I used to like lou's lolly too
Sat 15/05/04 at 17:48
Posts: 3,348
Yeh, harold good.
Sat 15/05/04 at 17:43
"we escape....."
Posts: 904
my favourite's harold and summer
Sat 15/05/04 at 17:40
Posts: 3,348
neighbours better for that.
Sat 15/05/04 at 17:38
"we escape....."
Posts: 904
I love settling down on a friday nite having a good tommy tank over gunther.
Sat 15/05/04 at 17:36
Posts: 3,348
Friends is probs the worst programme ever. As it has generated millions of moronic people who rely on it for a laugh and a tommy. Sad, pathetic. Good prog tho
Sat 15/05/04 at 17:33
"we escape....."
Posts: 904
I CAN'T WAIT!!! I got my revolver now all i need are the bullets!
Sat 15/05/04 at 12:47
Posts: 18,487
Cyclone wrote:
> So C4 have Simpsons now? Once a week at 9pm?

I cant see them using it that little for the ammount it cost them, i think that refers to the new episodes, they will be using the old ones everyday i expect.
Sat 15/05/04 at 11:46
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
So C4 have Simpsons now? Once a week at 9pm?


Get it back BBC2!

My last day of college that day, so I won't be watching.

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