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Wed 12/05/04 at 15:22
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I'm not sure, if alot of you guys/girls actually are into animes, but I'm quite fond of it myself. Although some are totally rubbish, there are some which are quite intresting. I have three which I currently watch ::

1) Full Metal Alchemist
2) Naruto
3) Midori no Hibi

Full Metal Alchemist, is the story, about when two brothers go out on a journey, after the elusive Philospher stone. Ofcourse, they're not the only two, and there are some who try to stop others from getting the stone, because of its dangerous powers.

Naruto, is about a boy in a village, who one day, dreams to be the Hokage.(Hokage is the name given to the leader of the village).When he was still a child, a demon fox was sealed inside of him, in order for the fox dont to destroy the entire village. Naruto, then grows up to be a shinobi, who's only good thing, is annoying others.

Midori no Hibi, is the story on Sawamura. A kid in secondary school(or high school) who literally has the "devil's right hand". He's never lost a fight, and those who are his enemies, are turned into mince meat. One day, his right hand, is replaced, by a girl (named Midori -_- ) who had a crush on him, since primary school. Their adventures go on etc... as they both try to live life to the fullest.

Well, post up your opinions, and any other animes that you guys/girls like :)
Sat 15/05/04 at 12:44
"Wants Spymate on dv"
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Lou Role wrote:
> It's pretty difficult to find Animes in stores and they're usually
> pretty expensive if you buy off the net. Not unless you guys know of
> any sites that sell 'em cheap?

Firstly before I start, I'd like to say that if you're serious about watching good anime, region 1 is where it's at (or the Japanese ones if you can understand the language). The UK gets some releases (more and more over the last year or so), but the US gets dozens of dvds released every single week. Not all are good, but there's never a shortage of good series/films to get. There are plenty of good releases in the UK don't get me wrong, but many more in the US.

I suppose there are plenty of options with anime;

1) Use eBay. I've never used them myself, but I guess it's a good place to pick up stuff cheaper.

2) Download anime. It's not honest, but it does help you test the water for decent stuff. If you download something and really like it, you could buy it (or just keep the downloaded version). Likewise, if you don't think much of the thing you've downloaded, it saves you money because you don't end up wasting cash on a lousy product.

3) Find a good online retailer (though finding a cheap one is difficult). Anime isn't particularly cheap, dvds range from around a tenner to £16/17/18 or even over that if it's some kind of quirky boxset. are very cheap, but shipping costs need to be added, and customs could charge you extra costs if they catch your packages (if the order is over something like £18 it is liable for charges). stock plenty, and I use Movietyme quite a bit (they're not always very fast, but they're pretty good and stock quite a lot of stuff).

4) High-street retailers. In the past, I've seen some good deals in the high-street; films like Princess Mononoke or The Castle of Cagliostro dirt cheap in HMV sales, so sometimes you can find some gems.

All in all like games, anime can be an expensive hobby if you want to get the best stuff and new releases, so getting the best is important, not buying rubbish. There are plenty of review sites on the net, I like
Sat 15/05/04 at 00:54
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Lou Role wrote:
> I quite like Animes myself, although I only own 5 at the moment:
> Ghost in the Shell
> Ninja Scroll
> Street Fighter
> Street Fighter 2
> Akira

i also have ghost in the shell and Akira. both are great, havenít watched them in a while. might have a re-watch tomorrow. ;)
Sat 15/05/04 at 00:51
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Broly wrote:
> I also have three which I currently watch ::
> 1) Dragon Ball
> 2) Dragon Ball Z
> 3) Dragon Ball GT

Yes, I too am a fan of this huge series. I have to have the US versions, the UK versions are too edited for my liking and the voices in DB and GT suck my granddads balls
Fri 14/05/04 at 19:23
Posts: 19,415
Websites like sell them very cheap and have even done discounts on Manga Entertainment and ADV titles. Here's a URL to their anime section.[SPACE] page=front&searchtype=genre&r=R2&adudisc=y&p=37&g=51

A lot of retail shops will only buy a few titles and once they are sold will not bother restocking. I believe there are several hundred anime DVDs in the UK yet, if you go to your local HMV, WHSmith, Virgin you will only find a tiny fraction of that amount.
Fri 14/05/04 at 19:18
"Just Bog Standard.."
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I quite like Animes myself, although I only own 5 at the moment:

Ghost in the Shell
Ninja Scroll
Street Fighter
Street Fighter 2

It's pretty difficult to find Animes in stores and they're usually pretty expensive if you buy off the net. Not unless you guys know of any sites that sell 'em cheap?

Thu 13/05/04 at 15:33
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
I want to slap you around for doing such an injustice in your description of Naruto. He is the number one ninja in surprising people, not 'annoying'.
Thu 13/05/04 at 12:22
"Wants Spymate on dv"
Posts: 3,025
Fooly Cooly wrote:
> GTO my ex really loves the manga and my other ex enjoys the anime, I
> have seen neither so far ^^; but from what they say I should get
> round to it sometime.

I really enjoyed what I've seen so far (I've only got the first boxset).
The series had been out for ages before I really took notice of it, and when the boxset was released I thought about looking for some info on the show and found loads of positive reviews for it.
So, I took the plunge and got the boxset, and was pleasantly suprised; a very good blend of comedy and drama, with more of an emphasis on comedy thankfully.
The Onizuka character is just great fun to watch.

I guess you could try downloading an episode or two to test the water.
Thu 13/05/04 at 12:10
Posts: 19,415
L/R I saw a trailer for that, looked interesting. Patlabor is one of my favourites I loved the movies, although I still havent got round to seeing the third one (if it's even out that is). Havent tried the tv series yet.

Have you seen the new covers for the new Ghiblis? My Neighbour Totoro looks okay but I think Nausicaa and Porco Rosso could have been better. Should be able to pre-order them soon.

GTO my ex really loves the manga and my other ex enjoys the anime, I have seen neither so far ^^; but from what they say I should get round to it sometime.

Just checked play I didnt know there was a Ninja Scroll series. I wonder if it's any good. Ooo two of my old favourites have come out on DVD Orguss 02 and Dominian Tank Police. I think I first saw them 9 years ago. There seems to be more new titles coming to the UK than I can pick up. Still far more good titles stuck in America.
Thu 13/05/04 at 09:40
"Wants Spymate on dv"
Posts: 3,025
I wrote a review for the excellent Tokyo Godfathers [URL][/URL]

That was the last anime film I saw, and it comes recommended if you want something very different to the norm.

Other favourite series and films?

I saw the first episode of Full Metal Alchemist the other week, looked to be pretty good (FUNimation have just aquired the rights to relase this on dvd, with the first disc due either at the end of this year or beginning of next year).

-Cowboy Bebop is a fantastic series, and one I just wish someone like Channel 4 would grap hold of and put into a good timeslot (i.e not in the middle of the night), because I think it could be popular if it was given the chance.
-Lupin the 3rd is just great fun; cheesy, very 70's and extremely dated in terms of animation, but the adventures are very enjoyable. Castle of Cagliostro is awesome.
-Studio Ghibli films don't need too much waffle, just see them.
-Excel Saga is mad and hilarious, and to a lesser extent is FLCL.
-L/R is kinda enjoyable in a James Bond/Persuaders rip-off kind of way.
-I got Memories recently (comes out in the UK in June I think), that is excellent. 3 short stories from the man behind Akira.
-Patlabor is always a favourite, the films are amazing, and the TV series is good, but got a bit tiresome and samey after a while.
-Wings of Honneamise is one of the best anime films out there and worth checking out.

Also, another great series I don't see too many people around here mention is GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka.
It's great comedy drama show about a 22-year old ex-motorcycle gang member who wants to become the greatest teacher in the world!!11
He uses plenty of different methods in his teaching, most not the kind you'd usually find in a school and he has a nemesis in the high school principal, who hates the way Onizuka goes about his business.
Onizuka gets lumbered with plenty of bad eggs in his class, but can he use his unorthadox teaching methods to get them back onto the straight and narrow?
T'is a very good little show. There's a boxset with the first half of the series, with a second boxset (which I'm awaiting very muchly) coming soon.
Thu 13/05/04 at 08:31
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
Urusei Yatsura.

That is all.

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