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"Best PS2 Game Ever"

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Sun 13/03/05 at 14:28
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What do you guys think the best game is? Any type, from the first one tot he most current.
Tue 22/03/05 at 16:56
"wa hay"
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i've really enjoyed the final fantay games but i dont like the disney movies
Tue 22/03/05 at 13:20
"Hello, Mr Freeman!"
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There are too many!

GTA: San Andreas was a great game with tons to do. Loved it.
Gran Turismo 4: 700 cars, 50 tracks, amazing graphics. Loved it.
Final Fantasy 10/10.2: Final Fantasy games are always good, and these are no exception. Loved them.

I will also add in Dragonball z: Badoukai 3, as I am a big fan, and loved this game.

I could probably go on!
Tue 22/03/05 at 12:46
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shamone fool wrote:
> Kingdom Hearts why?

Because it's a really wonderful game. Did you enjoy the Final Fantasy games ? How many times have you been impressed by one of those great Disney movies ? Imagine that both would combine together in one thing. That's Kingdom Hearts.
Tue 22/03/05 at 11:39
"wa hay"
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Conflict desert storm is good in sense of action but i just hate the aim when you fire.It would be a lot better if it had auto aim on.One of the good things about this game is you could either be stealthy or just run out and kill everyone.Because like splinter cell games you get bored of them because your sick and tired of being stealthy.When really in your mind you want pull out a minigun and take down all of the ememys.Just like on conflict desert storm you can have loads of fun killing everyone in a tank that fires missiles.I do like the multiplayer aswell if like one of your friends come round to play that game exspecialy you can work as a team just like soliders in real life.
Tue 22/03/05 at 11:26
"wa hay"
Posts: 54
Kingdom Hearts why?
Tue 22/03/05 at 11:25
"wa hay"
Posts: 54
its deffiently metal gear solid3 rather than san andreas.Why? because soon you might get stuck on it and you will probbly get bored of roaming around and stealing cars and cop fights etc.
Thu 17/03/05 at 16:06
"What's basketball?"
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My favourite has got to be Kingdom Hearts!
Mon 14/03/05 at 23:01
"Catch it!"
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Grand theft auto san andreas or Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater the best one yet!
Mon 14/03/05 at 14:41
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Reefer wrote:
> Hedfix - I just checked your site out. How many people have purchased
> some of your songs?

To be honest I haven't checked in a while. Can't remember if I get a cheque or if it goes straight into my bank after they deduct their charges.

So no idea how many.
Mon 14/03/05 at 14:38
"Brooklyn boy"
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FantasyMeister wrote:
> d) Tactics go completely out of the window when you can kill your
> enemy just by firing grenades at random towards their spawn point at
> the start of every game

ah good old Desert Storm or whatever that map was called :-D Remember sheltering by the hostage building and just lobbing them to the building in the centre. Used to get at least one kill every two games by doing that, then went back to my claymore tactics :-D

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