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"Paedo's take over the world!"

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Wed 28/04/04 at 23:18
"Well hit on me..."
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Well, It's finally happened, the ' everyone is a paedophile' culture that is sweeping this country has arrived with Microsoft sneaking the closure of the MSN directory, as well as there chat rooms about a month ago (chat rooms longer ago).

Lets be honest, anyone could be a paedo, but there are no less of them than there were 14 years ago, when I was going round my local town until the early hours of the evening on my bmx.

This is a direct result of the tabliods blowing everthing out of proportion and Rupert Murdoch forcing his opinions upon everyone else

The constant tabloid 'scares' are causing the current generation to grow up in a ultra-protected enviroment, and people wonder why teenagers are becoming so out of control, its because they are so sheltered during there formative ages.

In all, its parents being lazy on the internet side. They should be supervising there children when they use the internet, not constantly, but occassionaly enquiring what they are doing, because there are some weirdo's out there, but If I went to meet someone, you really should know where your kids are!

I'll agree, Ian Huntly/Maxine Carr was slightly different, it was someone in a position where he should not have been, and it hasn't been blown out of proportion, people in these postions, like me (I still help out at cubs and scouts) should have full CRB checks etc.

No-one can be protected totally, I could meet another type of madman who kills me tommorrow, its just as likely as me meeting a paedo.

Personally, the member directory was extremly useful, especially for finding out who's who (and then blocking anyone who I don't want to speak to.

Comments please
Thu 29/04/04 at 23:23
Posts: 16,558
The msn members directory isn't as bad as those crappy chat rooms 'Any girls with webcams?!!!' I went on Msn chat ages ago to check out how many idiots were on there funnily enough I found 1 asking the same quesiton I used as a example earlier.. I should of probably faked as a 13 year old girl then at the end say 'HA HA w8nker' or something :P
Thu 29/04/04 at 23:01
"^^^New Online Arcad"
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Anyone could be a peado, half of the people on SR could be... someone might arrange a huge SR get together as most of the people on here are good mates and know a lot about each other. It would be fun for all the memebers to get together. That seems halmless, but if one memeber was a pedo then ... well..

Soon all forums and anyway of communicating at all on the net will be stopped, all because of what [email protected]@ is correctly saying, its getting made to much of a bug deal

i agree totally with you
Thu 29/04/04 at 22:46
"period drama"
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Perhaps Microsoft's evil brain-frying mind-control plots were slowly becoming uncovered, so they had to take measure to become more secretive in their devilry.
Thu 29/04/04 at 22:40
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It's not that big a problem. You waste more time checking up an unknown using the profile, which might not even be true, than just ignoring the contact. If that person annoys you, block them. Rather simple; even if pyschos, paedos and serial killers add you to thei msn, they're not going to find any details about you through it alone.
Thu 29/04/04 at 22:35
"None Stored"
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[email protected]@ wrote:
> Paedo's take over the world!

Do I sense C4's new show, 'Paedo eye for a straight guy'?
Thu 29/04/04 at 20:50
"Well hit on me..."
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As of today I'm officially clear!

My CRB Disclosure came through

No convictions, Cautions, Repremands Or Warnings!

Thu 29/04/04 at 16:43
"Not a Jew"
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*ex girlfriend
Thu 29/04/04 at 13:28
"leaf it aaaaht"
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Check Up on ex girlfriends???
Thu 29/04/04 at 13:23
"I love yo... lamp."
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I don't expect it to ever come back now. I liked it, it gave me a way to check to see what sort of weirdos had added me so that I could block them.

Also it gave me a way to check up on ex girlfriends.
Thu 29/04/04 at 12:53
Posts: 15,681
As of 30 March 2004, MSN UK has temporarily closed access to the MSN Member Directory. Please direct all queries to

We appreciate your patience in this matter.

I think 'temporarily' stands out a bit's not a permanent closure.

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