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Sat 19/03/05 at 11:51
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Apparently, according to someone in Cube Europe he tried pictochatting between his US DS and his friend's UK DS and it didn't work, though multiplayer worked. Can anyone confirm this? [URL][/URL] In the comments. Or with any game infact. Does it work with playing multiplayer against a UK DS?
Fri 01/04/05 at 19:33
Posts: 7,741
Stridman wrote:
> Then how do you know he had a UK DS?

The guy told JC on Pictochat I think.
Fri 01/04/05 at 16:00
": ("
Posts: 5,614
JC941* wrote:
> My US DS worked with some guys UK DS the other day at college.
> Kicked his sorry a$$ 3-1 at Mario aswell.
> Never did see his face. He was in a completly different room.

Then how do you know he had a UK DS?
Fri 01/04/05 at 15:58
"The mighty GE90-115"
Posts: 5,344
Tphi wrote:
> Stop arguing with yourself :S
> It's annoying and slightly worrying.
> You obviously missed the post where Kilgore exposed your dual
> accounts.

Hah hah so Mentel Man and Christoff are the same person!!!

Thats quite funny
Mon 28/03/05 at 21:45
"Remember me?"
Posts: 6,124
gerrid wrote:
> As for the whole US - UK DS sleep mode thing, I believe that the US
> DS can still recognise a DS game being played, its just that it
> doesnt bleep and blork when its in sleep mode, so you'll just never
> know.


Haha. Blork!
Mon 28/03/05 at 11:05
"kill my enemys"
Posts: 504
christoff wrote:
> hello i like ngc and chocolate mousses dont you? ha ha like mondo wave
> please make another probelem page about me i like the atention

You are such a moron with issues.There is a lot of sites and places you can go go to to solve your issues.Or go to your local Doctor for information about your problems.
Mon 28/03/05 at 00:44
"It's so,so cold"
Posts: 386
Christoff just shut up.You're not convincing anyone.Yeah you have split personalities on this site and possibly in real life.I don't think you will get a job called Mental Man though,it might put them off.
Mon 28/03/05 at 00:08
"be destroyed"
Posts: 217
so where did he expose this rubbish info he should of asked me if it was just me or not
Mon 28/03/05 at 00:04
"be destroyed"
Posts: 217
and when did he expose a complete lie about me and my friend anyway dude mondo
Mon 28/03/05 at 00:03
"be destroyed"
Posts: 217
there is me and my friend on here i am not mentel man i am only christoff you see my friend does not have th internet ok or dont you understand
Mon 28/03/05 at 00:01
Posts: 7,741
Stop arguing with yourself :S

It's annoying and slightly worrying.

You obviously missed the post where Kilgore exposed your dual accounts.

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