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"Splitters Future Perfect"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Timesplitters: Future Perfect'.
Thu 24/03/05 at 13:52
Posts: 7,741
Mine came earlier, just been playing it until it crashed my Cube (which hasn't happend in about a year, but never mind).

Very weird to play this after Resi 4, I don't think you couldn't get two shooting games any more different from each other.

So far:

+ Lots of humour and little touches which made me smile
+ More Captain Ash
+ Looks and sounds alot better with alot more speech
+ The stats & character gallery are back, with some old favourites
+ Intimidatingly huge amount of Challenges etc. to do
+ Doesn't look like EA have messed around with FRD's game.

- Couple of framerate slowdowns
- Pathetically weak and short opening level (the demo level)
- I seem to be crap at Arcade league.

The opening Story Level is a let down, specially since the beginning of TSP2 threw you into the sublime Siberia level. But the next level is far better. And has Captain Ash who is hilarious :)

Oh, and in the extras section you can see the credits, which has Cortez going all Saturday Night Fever on a mirror-balled dance floor. The sign on the wall says "The Big Tipper". :D
Wed 18/05/05 at 23:54
Posts: 7,741
In shocking and amazing news that will delight you all, I'm now stuck on 99.2%, with two Silvers to upgrade to Golds in the Challenge mode.

Darn TimeSplitters Underground (the thing where you control the two turrets simultaneously) and the monkey melon sniper thing.. I was never good at sniping :(
Wed 18/05/05 at 21:42
Posts: 9,995
It makes you an unskilled n00b. I put it on and after I took it off I was rubbish.
Wed 18/05/05 at 20:26
Posts: 5,848
*Salvages Thread*

Auto aiming is actually a very good feature of TS3, it is genuinely useful with guns such as pistols because they really home in well to the vital areas (head and chest)

It makes for less 'sport' when killing but is better for getting 'the job done' in Missions, Challenges, Leagues and matches for a Swedish bride
Sun 08/05/05 at 12:58
Posts: 9,995
I took mine off. And I still find it easy.
Fri 06/05/05 at 22:31
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
The auto aiming is extremely helpful, which is partly what makes the game so much fun, as it puts everyone on an equal footing in some ways.
Fri 06/05/05 at 06:59
Posts: 3,032
I only play this game on weekends, As i dont actually own the game myself personally - but, I do play every saturday with a bunch of friends once the working week is over, (Weekend.. playtime you know? ;) ). Anyway, We love the game, We're only at about about 50% completion, Luckily platinumís on some challenges, even though i've been reading, that it only 'honestly' takes a gold to unlock whats needed. :\ (So platiums are just there for pride..?)

Namely the mutli-player is so fun! love the weapons, options and the gameplay, Even though i do find snipering a little easy ^^... (ever had that feel, that even if you were to miss with the vintage rifle, the bullet still seems to find its way? :P) i'll stop, too much to write about :D

Everything improved upon the second xD - Easily a great thing to play for an one hour with 3 others round xD
Fri 06/05/05 at 02:25
Posts: 7,741
Hoju's claim Hustle is like Ocean's Eleven.
Thu 05/05/05 at 21:24
Posts: 5,953
What are you two on about?
Thu 05/05/05 at 20:40
Posts: 7,741
Cweek wrote:
> Oceans Four?

Add one.
Thu 05/05/05 at 18:24
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Oceans Four?

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