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"Grand Theft Cloning"

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Sat 16/04/05 at 08:12
Posts: 33,481
Ok boys and girls the unoriginal powers that be have decided to grace the xbox with:

A 50 Cent game (Vivendi)

Fear and Respect (Midway)

The Godfather (EA)

Crime Life: Gang Wars (Konami)

25 to Life (Eidos)

Scarface (Vivendi)

Dirty Harry (TBC)

and of course GTA: San Andreas

So that's a possibility of 8 GTA-style games by the end of the year. And of course Destroy All Humans is being compared to GTA too. We've already had Mercenaries and NARC so that actually makes a possible 10-12 GTA-style games this year (one for each month inc TC2)

When's True Crime 2 coming out again?
Mon 18/04/05 at 12:50
"Remember me?"
Posts: 6,124
mattributé wrote:
> I thought you said 'I hate guns and black people'
> That'd've been much funnier.


Agreed! Quick, somebody hack into the admin toolsy bit and edit the post!!!
Sun 17/04/05 at 02:12
Posts: 33,481
If they all have better sandboxes then they should be fun.

Beating GTA3's sandbox isn't really difficult since it's actually quite crap.

"I'm running about with an automatic weapon infront of a police car and they don't appear to do anything"

Causing chaos gets boring unless you have some decent consequences, oh and an aiming system that isn't rubbish too.
Sat 16/04/05 at 23:08
"Da num.01 rapper"
Posts: 503
Im so exciting about 50 cent: bulletproof another version of (THE PUNISHER) :)
Sat 16/04/05 at 20:07
Posts: 4,686
I agree. Just because a game is a free roamer, collect money for doing jobs, every action has a consequence etc. doesn't mean it is a GTA clone.

If that were the case - isn't life just a GTA clone (or GTA is a clone of life)?
Sat 16/04/05 at 20:03
"Royale with Cheese"
Posts: 340
GTA: PSP will be awesome, going back to good ol' Liberty City aswell. Anyways every free-roaming game is compared to GTA.
Sat 16/04/05 at 15:52
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
I like the look of Fear and Respect, and 25 to Life looks okay too. But there should be a new GTA on PSP by the time those are released, so I'll be getting that first.
Sat 16/04/05 at 12:12
Posts: 1,688
25 to life is more of a socom rip off.
Sat 16/04/05 at 12:02
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
I thought you said 'I hate guns and black people'

That'd've been much funnier.
Sat 16/04/05 at 11:40
": ("
Posts: 5,614
I hate guns and bad people, i'm a good boy.
Sat 16/04/05 at 11:17
"member of dogg poun"
Posts: 787
Apart from Snoop Doggs game :P that looks great.

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