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"The amazing adventures of inspector lindgren (Long story)"

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Sat 28/02/04 at 18:11
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The adventures of inspector Lindgren- JATs attack!

Lindgren sat at her desk alert a revolver twitching in her coat pocket she stared at her computer screen the message
“You have broke the agreement we know where you are”
Flashed on the screen, Lindgren turned the monitor of and stood up in a flash the revolver twitching uncontrollably she shut her blinds and locked her door, Lindgren could only think about what happened in the past day it was coming up to midnight now and she could only think to find clues Lindgren tried to remember in detail the past day…

She was standing there looking at the cash points monitor something was different £60,000 was in her account and a note lay on the cash point desk it read
“If you are reading this note you have seen our pay off in your account do not expose the operations of our agent Cwazy rabbit any further than SR and do not say he was our man.
Signed Tony and Snuggly

Lindgren looked round in surprise she was looking for people on the street it was 2 in the morning and all quiet no sign of any disturbance at all. All was normal so Lindgren drew out a £10 note and went to the all night kebab shop.
As she entered she could feel the change in temperature it was freezing outside and the mist was still coming from her mouth.

“A Lamb shish kebab and a box of Dona meat please.” Said Lindgren

“Sure coming right up” Said the man at the counter

Lindgren took a seat in a plastic deck chair and looked out the shop window she could see her flat from here and a black van was parked outside. Lindgren wondered what to do with her money
A car maybe?
I have to get broadband,
And a new computer actually,
Maybe a espresso machine?
Yes an espresso machine!
Lindgren couldn’t wait till the morning and walked home while eating her kebab and Dona as she was walking up the stairs to her flat she was cursing the fact that she lived on the 8th floor as she was eating. The moment Lingren got into her flat she fell asleep and did not wake up until the morning.

Lindgren woke up late that morning she was dead tired from yesterday but could not wait to get to her local high street to start spending some money, She walked to the cash point once again to withdraw some money as she went to withdraw £100 from her account she heard many footsteps get closer to her. Lindgren turned around to find a gang of people circling her,

“What do you want?” Asked Lindgren

“We want you to tell the people about cwazy rabbit and if you don’t you wont want to know what will happen”

“I can…”

“You will or else we will give you 15hours to decide”

The gang ran in different directions pick pocketing people as they ran Lindgren was disturbed and puzzled by this but nothing could suppress the need to spend spend spend so she continued to her local high street. As she was walking down the road she realised it was almost empty 2o clock on a Saturday and nothings busy? Lindgren continued on her course to curry’s none the less and entered the store.
Only the staff were present and Lindgren found this quite unusual but still not swayed to leave because the new idea of a espresso machine was to great. As she approached the isle she couldn’t help but get the gang of thugs out of her mind,

Who were they?
Why do they oppose SR?
Where did they come from?

Lindgren found her espresso machine and took it to the counter she got her money out and paid the staff member and she handed Lingren a note to read whilst boxing the package.

The have contacted you do not give into there demands we can handle the threat of them we can protect you.
Signed Tony and Snuggly

Lindgren was getting sick of this people knowing her every move and not contacting her directly she all she wanted to do now was go home and make an espresso. When Lindgren got home she opened her door and set up her espresso machine right away her first thought was using it but her computer caught her eye.

A message read across the screen

You have been contacted again by Tony and Snuggly you must decide now do you tell the forums that cwazy rabbit was there’s or do you suffer the consequences of the wrong action.
Lindgren typed in the URL for the forums and went to general chat she clicked on post a new topic and sat thinking about what course of action she should take. She started to type the topic name.

*The Truth*
Lindgren thought over it a lot and decided.#

*The Truth*
What happened with cwazy rabbit?
He was using double accounts but why?
Does anyone know about this and what cwazy rabbits motives were?

Lindgren thought it was her duty to protect the forums from all that was bad and Tony and Snuggly had maintained it for years but there were still questions in her head.

Why would cwazy rabbit be working for Snuggly and Tony?
And who was that gang?

She was about to find out a message once again flashed on the screen.

You have not chosen well and your time at SR will soon be over.

Lindgren went to get espresso from her espresso machine she pressed the button and BANG the machine blew up in a flash Lindgren dived to the floor thinking it was a trap only to find that the tab that she was meant to pull of was still on the machine. Lindgren was almost in tears not only because her espresso machine was gone but that she was so paranoid she ran out the door to try and purchase some sort of weapon.

As Lindgren was walking down the high street she saw a man dressed in dark colours about 6foot following her she ran round a corner only to find a dark alley. Lindgren was desperate and ran down this alley as fast as she could the man now chasing after her she was running full pelt and almost ran into the wall that stood opposite her she had slid to a halt and there was no way out.

“Get away from me!” Lindgren shouted with fear

The man walked up to Lindgren and he had something in his hands.

“What do you want from me!” Lindgren shouted again

“Relax you dropped a couple of £10 notes I only wanted to give them to you.

Lindgren sighed in relief and apologised for the misunderstanding the man walked back down the alley to get back to the high street. Lindgren was still suspicious of the man so waited until he was out of sight.
Lindgren then walked down the alley to get to the high street as the man did but a force hit her legs and Lindgren stumbled to the ground the man that gave her the £10 was now holing her against the wall by her neck and Lindgren was struggling for air.

“Get of me” Lindgren squealed

“You brought this on yourself you took the wrong course of action they cant protect you but we could of”

Lindgren was struggling for air and her eyes were slowly dropping she was almost dead when the man fell to the ground and grunted in pain. Another figure was standing next to Lindgren now and kicked the dark man in the chest while he was on the floor. The attacker got to his feet and ran of down the alley as did Lindgren’s saviour to follow the mugger.
Lindgren got to her feet gasping and relieved to be able to breathe again.

Lindgren ran down the alley trying to follow her mystery saviour she came to the high street again it was now pitch black and only the street lights were letting Lindgren see what was out on the street. Lindgren’s attacker was on his knees begging for mercy to the mysterious figure that saved Lindgren,

“Plea plea please don’t kill me im only a JAT thug”

“Who is your leader and I might spare your life”

“He calls himself ROFL please I beg for mercy”

“Huh the leader of the JAT forefathers is ROFL?”

“Ye yes please no don’t hurt me please!”

“You are lucky if Tony didn’t tell me to kill you I would be a murderer here’s a message from snuggly”

Lindgren was shocked snuggly had left the SR towers to save her?
Snuggly held his revolver by the nozzle and struck the JAT down with the handle.
Lindgren gasped with shock and snuggly looked strait at her he then dropped his revolver and ran down the street shouting “You chose wisely we can protect you”
Lindgren ran over the to the unkonches JAT and picked the revolver up and put it in her coat pocket.
Now knowing that she had a weapon Lindgren returned home to try and find some information on the main JAT forefather ROFL.

When she walked through the door her she was shocked to see her flat trashed and heard sounds of struggle come from her bedroom. She slowly opened the door the revolver in her hands as the door started to open she could see 4 people in her room 3 of then wearing jackets with JAT elite on the arms. Lindgren kicked the door open and pulled the trigger on her revolver a bullet soared through the air and hit the lampshade causing it to drop on a JATs head knocking him unkonches.
The 3 other men paused to look at Lindgren one of the JATs ran towards her in a blinding rage and the other continued to fight with the dark haired man.
Lingren went to take another shot

“STAY BACK!” she exclaimed

The JAT stood to a halt

“This is for my flat”

Lindgren took steady aim towards the JATs head and pulled the trigger only to hear a click from the gun. Lindgren was out of ammo the JAT smirked and continued his path towards Lingren. She ran out to her front room and picked up her TV throwing it at the JAT but the attempt was in vein and the JAT sidestepped and dodged the flying television.
Then JAT now ran towards Lindgren screaming waving a handgun in the air, Lingren stood there thinking that this was her final moment in life and said,

“Fine then just ki…


Lindgren’s jaw dropped and the JAT fell to the floor the mystery man stepped over the dead body and approached Lindgren. He threw her something but Lindgren was in to much shock to catch it. She looked down the bow said Revolver/Magnum bullets keep out of reach from children do not eat.

“Your meant to catch them you know” The man said in a cocky voice.

“Wh who are you?” asked Lindgren

“I am neither friend nor enemy I have no name” the man said

“Remember EB saved you”

The turned away from Lindgren and dived out of the window Lingren ran to see where the man went but he was no where to be seen. Lindgren was puzzled more questions entered her head.

Who was that man?
How could he survive jumping out my window on the 6th floor?
Is there any mil in the fridge?
And when is Garth Merengi’s dark place on?

Lindgren sat at her desk alert a revolver twitching in her coat pocket she stared at her computer screen the message
“You have broke the agreement we know where you are”
Flashed on the screen, Lindgren turned the monitor of and stood up in a flash the revolver twitching uncontrollably she shut her blinds and locked her door,
Another message came onto her computer monitor,

This is Snuggly and Tony the JATs have given up on killing you for now our agent English_Bloke saved you from those JATs we hope to deal with you in the future for now we will protect you. The JATs forefather will be eliminated but that battle must be fought another day until then you are no longer needed live your normal life this is Tony over and out.

Will Lindgren play a part in the eradication of the JAT forefathers?
Join us next time to find out.
Sun 29/02/04 at 11:56
Posts: 5,659
good but very long!
Sat 28/02/04 at 21:57
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
Azul wrote:
> Oh...dear...

Yes dear?
Sat 28/02/04 at 21:56
Posts: 9,629

I'm sorry
Sat 28/02/04 at 21:52
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Lindgren wrote:
> English_Bloke wrote:
> *Pinches Azul's cheek, (cheek on his face before some wise guy makes
> a crack...crack meaning joke, not butt crack)*
> heh heh, talk about covering your cracks, sorry tracks

Sat 28/02/04 at 21:41
Posts: 9,629
English_Bloke wrote:
> *Pinches Azul's cheek, (cheek on his face before some wise guy makes
> a crack...crack meaning joke, not butt crack)*

heh heh, talk about covering your cracks, sorry tracks
Sat 28/02/04 at 21:40
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
Azul wrote:
> You pair are scaring me.
> Seriously.

Bless him.

*Pinches Azul's cheek, (cheek on his face before some wise guy makes a crack...crack meaning joke, not butt crack)*

He's so sweet.
Sat 28/02/04 at 21:38
Posts: 9,629
Yay! our plan is working :P
Sat 28/02/04 at 21:37
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
You pair are scaring me.
Sat 28/02/04 at 21:36
Posts: 9,629
I'm not adverse to a little work
Sat 28/02/04 at 21:35
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
Lindgren wrote:
> You're not one to turn down a damsel in distress though EB :P

Nor was I that time. I ran off through fear of not being able to “perform” to my usual high standards because of exhaustion. But if you want to do all the work, I’ll lie back and enjoy….

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