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The "Freeola Customer Forum" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Fri 27/02/04 at 22:36
Posts: 83
Y r u spemming u d forums, u reatrds.
Sat 28/02/04 at 19:08
"Metal Head"
Posts: 1,010
Screw U, you t0$$eR.
Sat 28/02/04 at 18:09
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
The snail! wrote:
> ahah robin u cants spel u stupid tossur

This kind of stupidity rarely fails to make me laugh. This retard has clearly misspelt 'Aha', 'You', 'Can't', 'Spell' and 'T*sser', and is accusing El Robin of being poor at spelling.

And before anyone comments on it, I had to use an asterisk due to the word filter on these forums.
Sat 28/02/04 at 15:03
Posts: 1,497
Biggie Little wrote:
> at least you are banned.

Yeah. Peaceful now.
Sat 28/02/04 at 15:00
Posts: 5,659
you really are a moron ROFL, i thought our arguments in the " are fish cannibals" thread went far enough. at least you are banned.
Fri 27/02/04 at 22:51
Posts: 20,776
I refuse to reply anymore - it's clearly regulars or ex-regulars who have too much time on their hands.

What's that I see outside my window? Ah, a life! Nevermind, eh lads, you'll have your own eventually .....
Fri 27/02/04 at 22:50
Posts: 83
L B wrote:
> disabeled.

Fri 27/02/04 at 22:49
Posts: 11,652
ora SagdiyeV wrote:
your mum and dad must have been brother and
> sister

And they were both disabeled.
Fri 27/02/04 at 22:47
Posts: 20,776
ROFL wrote:
> Y r u spemming u d forums, u reatrds.

to type this retarded, your mum and dad must have been brother and sister
Fri 27/02/04 at 22:46
Posts: 83
I'm sporry buck
Fri 27/02/04 at 22:46
"100% Sonic fan"
Posts: 908
No were not and what you gonna do about it.

If you want i can actually do waht all you red people have been saying what you have done

I will hack sr personally. and get your identy and sell on the internet to some hackers

If you dont beleive i will hack an e-mail sever and send a fake e-mail from it to you!!!

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