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"Beat my..."

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Fri 20/02/04 at 20:14
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
Finish that sentence however you want.

So, I had my first foot chase yesterday. It lasted 10 seconds, but it was exciting none-the-less.
Fri 27/02/04 at 12:17
"leaf it aaaaht"
Posts: 7,914
10 seconds and you managed to lose the person (or giant foot) you was chacing...tsk *shakes head* coppers these days! grr
Thu 26/02/04 at 23:49
Posts: 20,776
Grey Fox wrote:
> *Remembers happy days*

Thu 26/02/04 at 23:40
"100% Sonic fan"
Posts: 908
score on sonic
Thu 26/02/04 at 23:23
"she wants to move"
Posts: 714
spaceship up!
Thu 26/02/04 at 23:19
Posts: 11,024

As in, beat my beat. Beat my beat beat my beat beat my beat beat my beat etc.

As in, "better my rhythm".
Sat 21/02/04 at 00:20
Posts: 3,617
jim-hat awakes.
Sat 21/02/04 at 00:16
"QPR 1974"
Posts: 2,539
Actually, she was having sex with men.
Fri 20/02/04 at 23:56
Posts: 11,652
English_Bloke wrote:
> Wasn't my fault, dopey woman's fault. Blame dopey woman.

So thats where my sister was.
Fri 20/02/04 at 23:52
Posts: 1,191
Haha I love that advert...

Happy days happy days.

*Remembers happy days*
Fri 20/02/04 at 23:38
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
«-Shrubber«- wrote:
> whats a foot chase?

Mystique wrote:
> He chases after a giant foot until he can't run no more.

Heh. Reminds me of that advert ... "Belly's gonna get ya!"

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