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"Probably the real Xbox 360"

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Sat 23/04/05 at 11:02
Posts: 15,443
According to Gamesradar and several other forums, this is the actual Xbox 360 design. It was leaked by an indsutry insider apparently.

It certainly looks plausible enough to be the real design. Very Apple, though the power button is rather stupid.


I still think Amazon have got it right though. [URL][/URL]
Wed 27/04/05 at 20:12
"Da num.01 rapper"
Posts: 503
It look like windows media player 10 the xbox front cover.
Tue 26/04/05 at 00:09
"Fishing For Reddies"
Posts: 4,986
If its the same size at that render, theyll love it. It's small, multi-functional... what they need.

A handful of developers in Japan have had Xenon dev kits for over a year. The same spec - anyway.
Mon 25/04/05 at 19:33
Posts: 21,800
How can they when the Xbox 2 hasn't even been shown yet?

Maybe a couple of Jap developers do but that really doesn't mean the Jap public will give it a 2nd look.
Mon 25/04/05 at 19:11
": ("
Posts: 5,614

Japanese say they love the Xbox 360, surely this is good news.
Mon 25/04/05 at 16:54
Posts: 10,759
Gp wrote:
> Anyone seen this picture yet?
> [URL][/URL]

Yuh, some dude's camera phone at some meeting. Alledgedly.
Mon 25/04/05 at 16:38
Posts: 3,348
Anyone seen this picture yet?

Mon 25/04/05 at 13:25
Posts: 14,437
You shouldn't release a wireless controller unless you're making it rechargeable.

My MX1000 mouse would chew through batteries like nobodies business, the way I use it.
Mon 25/04/05 at 12:48
Posts: 9,848
Wireless controllers as standard?

I hope they come with inbuilt batteries.
I can see it being a real nuisance otherwise...
Sun 24/04/05 at 23:03
Posts: 9,631
See. Even now you're programmed to ignore me. Because I even made the slightest hint towards that old horrible design.

I'm sane.
Sun 24/04/05 at 22:22
Posts: 33,481
The top one's a rough drawing of it from the front going from other pictures I've seen linked to in General Chat.

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