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"Short Story Competition 4 (SSC4)"

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Mon 06/11/06 at 19:47
Posts: 3,522
Apologies for the delay.
It's number four! - my favourite number, and the theme I've arrived at after much seesawing is:


I hope that fires the imagination in some way.

Closing date: 27th November.
No word limit. Short or long or something in-between.


Winner: Everpain
Tue 28/11/06 at 21:41
"I may return"
Posts: 4,854
*Slips Everpain a fiver*

Tue 28/11/06 at 18:21
"Author of Pain"
Posts: 395
Thanks for choosing me Sib.

Although I likely only won due to a disturbing lack of contestants this time around. Given the variety such a topic, I really expected a more solid effort.

I do, however, appreciate any recognition, and understand that those who chose not to enter had their reasons.

I will start a topic for the next comp shortly. As a heads up, I will attempt to critique all entries as thoroughly as I am able (as opposed to the usual 'not bad' sentence of mild mannered praise).
Tue 28/11/06 at 16:33
"I may return"
Posts: 4,854
Everpain...Yeah that'll very interesting or painful! :P

Edit: Congrats aswell :D
Tue 28/11/06 at 12:10
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Well done, Everpain.

I'm sure you'll come up with an interesting topic for the next one...
Tue 28/11/06 at 09:45
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
Eek! I had an idea for this well over a week ago but never got it transferred from head to paper, well pixels, it was a seasonal story as well (but not a good one!). So sorry :(

My excuse is I had a lot of uni work to do for an assignment I handed in on Friday and then I had some work to do on tiding up my blog and getting the next entries together which is also for my uni work.
Sun 26/11/06 at 21:29
"I may return"
Posts: 4,854
Sibelius wrote:
> Only three to judge. hm.

This means I'm garranteed (spell?) to be in the top three 8^)
*Evil laugh*
Sun 26/11/06 at 19:29
"Author of Pain"
Posts: 395
Given the subject, I would have expected more entries. Especially since some people have said they would enter, and haven't...
Sun 26/11/06 at 15:14
"I may return"
Posts: 4,854
I was gonna write 2, but I forgot my other idea...
Sun 26/11/06 at 13:49
Posts: 3,522
Only three to judge. hm.
Sat 25/11/06 at 12:21
Posts: 9,494
I'm going to struggle to find time to write up my idea into an actual story this weekend..

oh well.

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