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"EGAD - SR Brainstorm - Winner Announced!"

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Tue 20/01/04 at 15:08
Posts: 6,592
Greetings once more - your favourite supplemental GAD fest is back again, taunting you with prizes you probably won't win like a carrot in front of a donkey. If you didn't love it, you wouldn't keep coming back.

Something a little different this time, in that this competition actually requires you to think a little rather than splatter your 'artistic' daubings on a banner :) What we'd like you to do is come up with some ways in which Special Reserve could promote themselves effectively. Bear in mind we haven't exactly got the backing of the Sultan of Brunei, we'd like you to drop us a few ideas on how best to get across the fact that Special Reserve are cheap, reliable and have a wide product range.

This could be improvements to ways we currently run things, new product ranges you think would appeal to our customers (bear in mind we currently sell rather a lot of stuff - see left sidestrip), new exciting ways to advertise our existing offers or just any ideas that have been floating round your head. Is there some range of products you just can't get hold of that would be perfect for us to sell? Let us know!

Post your ideas in this thread and we'll announce a winner at around the end of February, let's say the 27th. The best suggestions will win whatever prizes we give them, most probably yer standard 25/50 GAD prize.

(And before anyone brings it up, yes we do think about this stuff ourselves, but we wanted to see what you lot think as well. So button it!)


And the winner is..... phi11ip, for the following suggestion:

"Here's an idea, and if carried out correctly could be very beneficial. I've got a nice example too just to prove to you just how beneficial it is. was a free hosting service set up last year with the intention of boosting the ratings of a a few sites belonging to a company, one of these sites was Basically, unlike your free hosting, this hosting only offered hosting to domain names, you get 200MB disk space and 4 Gig bandwidth a month, you can upload from any connection unlike Freeola. So basically the company which has nothing to do with hosting has just set up a hosting site, sounds stupid doesn't it? What the requirements of this free hosting are though is that you must display a couple of small text links on your site, on mine you can see them on the links section on the side of the page. Google counts each link as a 'vote' and increases the pagerank of the site in question meaning that it shows up higher in searches, I see you've got 'cheap games' pretty much sorted but you don't show up anywhere when 'PS2 games' is typed in. If people were to display these text links on their sites it would soon make you appear high up on the search results. was absolutely nowhere when it started, it had a low pagerank and didn't appear on searches. Have a look now though and you'll see that searching for 'corporate event' on returns the site as number 2 out of 6,500,000. Think about it. You've already got the hosting capabilities, all it would require is a server and someone to monitor the sites every now and then to make sure the links are there."

Congratulations and well done to everyone who entered.
Sun 02/05/04 at 10:58
"Dr. Chad Niga"
Posts: 4,550
That's why i laughed. At the joke.
Sun 02/05/04 at 08:24
"RIP: Brian Clough"
Posts: 10,491
HO wrote:
> HAhahhaha.
> Its not worth the price, ive got it, it sucks.

I think he's joking, at least I hope he is. :)
Sat 01/05/04 at 15:13
"No Chance!?!?!?!?!?"
Posts: 75
That's a gd idea! But not 4 ppl who enter GAD! Cause more ppl would notice the site! And the more ppl there r that enter the harder it is 2 win GAD!
Thu 22/04/04 at 16:57
"Up your Arsenal!!"
Posts: 495
Oh poo,and I was getting all excited too.But well done to Phi11ip though.
Thu 22/04/04 at 11:18
"Long time no see!"
Posts: 8,351
Well done, phi11ip! :)

...Let's just hope this site don't start badgering-up more often because of you, now, eh? ;D
Wed 21/04/04 at 17:39
"Dr. Chad Niga"
Posts: 4,550

Its not worth the price, ive got it, it sucks.
Wed 21/04/04 at 16:56
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
Get the what what?

To get the hosting you need a domain.

Thanks for the game anyway, I'm thinking of claiming this ( [URL][/URL] ) but I'm not too sure at the moment!
Wed 21/04/04 at 16:42
Posts: 1,174
congrats, but erm i tryied to make it work and erm i can't register, do you need to be a domain holder to get this?
Wed 21/04/04 at 16:35
"Not a Jew"
Posts: 7,532
phi11ip doesn't like me.

But congratulations anyway.
Wed 21/04/04 at 15:42
"RIP: Brian Clough"
Posts: 10,491
AB1000 wrote:
> Congratulations and well done to everyone who entered.

For what? Congratulations to Phi11ip though. :-)

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