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"fast and furious 3"

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Fri 16/01/04 at 19:32
Posts: 227
i heard from some mates that they are making a 3rd installment of the fast and furious series i searched it on the net and i found a site where it told you about it. I like the cars but i think they are running out of ideas and just getting stupid.
Sun 18/01/04 at 19:56
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
I couldn't even watch the original. Cars bore me. Vin bores me. Walker bores me.

I didn't even CONSIDER going to see the sequel. It bombed, and rightly so. They shouldn't make a third.
Sun 18/01/04 at 19:53
"A man with a stick"
Posts: 5,883
sum41fan wrote:
> I like the cars but i think they are
> running out of ideas and just getting stupid.

Running out of ideas!!! They ran out of ideas before the first film came into production.
Sun 18/01/04 at 18:55
Posts: 13,611
Gah, the first one was poor enough I didn't even see the second. I hear it's worse. It's highly unlikely the third will be anything to shout about.
Sun 18/01/04 at 18:35
Posts: 20,776
it's all rubbish - it doesn't represent what real racing is like, and is totally over the top. I can just imagine it appeals to lads with baseball caps on, with 14 year old girlfriends, who drive Nova 1.1's with bonnet vents, neon sideskirts, kenwood stickers in the back window, cheap alloy wheels, oversized exhaust, alloy gearknob, expensive stero, pumping hip hop out of the windows, hanging around mcdonalds car park on a saturday night, doing wheel spins and handbrake skids.

It features some nice cars, but the 'street cred' arrogance puts me off, and the raw american testosterone of it all just makes it 10 times worse.

I've watched both the first two films, basically as there was nothing else decent available on DVD and don't rate either of them. So I wager the third will be more loud rock music, cheesy graphical speed effects, and brash american morons jumping huge distances in their nitro cars, that would have cost them about $100,000 to build in the first place.
Sun 18/01/04 at 18:27
"aliens exist"
Posts: 507
the second one sucked cos it had a different cast and a different director. get the original cast and director back and you will have a good third film, although this will never happen, heres to hoping
Sat 17/01/04 at 23:02
"Jim Jam Jim"
Posts: 5,626
First one was the best. It had a proper storyline that involved modified cars. Paul Walker went in to infiltrate street racers to find out who was robbing trucks, with there modified Civics. There was a reason for street racing, a reason for modified cars.

Second films story is about drugs and money and only involve modified cars for the hell of it. Could have used basic sports cars etc with no need for modified cars.

Think Fast and Furious 3 should try and go back to the roots of the first movie. At least make a story and film that actually needs modified cars and not a film which has no purpose or reason for including them.
Fri 16/01/04 at 21:40
Posts: 7,037
I liked the 2nd film better than the 1st, only 'cos I can't remember the first one, but it had a lot more humour in it and nicer cars. Worth a rent though.
Fri 16/01/04 at 20:02
Posts: 13,017
I'm a sucker for the fast cars and beautiful women, so I will go se the movie no doubt.

The second film was alright, the scene where about 500 cars come out of the massive garage was pretty funky.

Not a film I will anticipate greatly, but should be entertaining.
Fri 16/01/04 at 19:56
Posts: 3,617
Indeed. Its FAF. Hmmm.

No really though, Fast and Furious can mook off.
Fri 16/01/04 at 19:55
Posts: 20,776
fast and furious = rubbish

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